The Challenge of Lead Routing is that You’re Always Behind

The Challenge of Lead Routing is that You’re Always Behind

At the speed that most sales organizations move these days, Sales Operations and Marketing Operations are constantly being asked to update their lead routing rules. Sales reps are rightfully very possessive of their accounts and leads, and when a lead…
Why dedupe is a strategic play

Why dedupe is a strategic play

For many operations leaders, deduplicating leads, contacts, and accounts can seem like lower-level work. Work that’s deemed to be easily done “later” on a date that constantly gets pushed further into the future. Instead, operations leaders need to understand the…
Automated Data Onboarding: Set Up The Input

Data Normalization Basics: Why You Don’t Really Want to Normalize Job Title

Not long ago, a prospect mentioned that their primary need was to normalize job titles and that he’d been searching online for a solution to do this. While I understood the goal, this wasn’t, in fact, the right thing to…
Data Enrichment Part Viii: Implementation Tips

Data Enrichment Part VIII: Implementation Tips

This is part 8—and the last—of our blog series on data enrichment. Here are some tips and things to consider when deploying an enrichment data service into production.
Data Enrichment Part Vii: Match Test

Data Enrichment Part VII: Match Test

This is part 7 of our blog series on data enrichment. Once you have your requirements clearly defined and have assembled a shortlist of data providers to evaluate, it’s time to run a match test. Here are some recommendations and…
Data Enrichment Part Vi: Alternatives To Paid Services

Data Enrichment Part VI: Alternatives to Paid Services

More often than not, the issue with data quality is not the absence of data, but incomplete, non-uniform, and unstructured data. Consider these alternatives to paid services.
General Data Protection Regulation May Picture Id

Data Enrichment Part V: GDPR Compliance

Data Enrichment GDPR Compliance: Got EU citizen data in your marketing and sales database? GDPR can severely limit your choice of data enrichment providers.
Data Enrichment Part Iv: Selecting Data Providers

Data Enrichment Part IV: Selecting Data Providers

Factors to consider when you choose a data enrichment vendor. Single vendor or best of breed; cost; consumption model; the data supply chain, and more.
Data Enrichment Part Iii: Determining Your Target Market

Data Enrichment Part III: Determining Your Target Market

There is no one perfect database good for every company. First, you need to identify the data providers who have good coverage for your customer profiles.