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You want to reach the right prospects with highly-relevant, personalized messages, but you probably don’t have the data you really need to do that.

Openprise synthesizes data in your CRM and marketing automation applications with behavioral, demographic, firmographic, and intent data from multiple providers to deliver the complete, crystal-clear view that every marketing and sales team needs.

Data enrichment

How does your data stack up?

Review it with a leading data enrichment expert and discover how a multi-data vendor strategy ensures you get the data you need.

Orchestrate working with multiple third-party providers

Despite what data providers say, there’s no one perfect data provider for targeting every industry, geography, and persona.

That’s why Openprise offers the Openprise Data Marketplace, making it easy to work with multiple providers simultaneously and maintain data in your CRM and marketing automation database that conforms to your company’s unique standards, not the data provider’s.

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Openprise enables you to:
  • Gain access to all the leading B2B and B2C data providers, with all the business processes to ingest and normalize that data built right in.
  • Designate primary, secondary, and tertiary (and even more) data providers to ensure you get the data you need, without overpaying.
  • Easily swap in and out data providers as your needs change.
Enrich multiple data providers

The Openprise Data Marketplace lets you tap into multiple data providers simultaneously and normalize those field value to your unique specifications.

Open reference data aids data enrichment

Openprise CRM and marketing data enrichment capabilities use a comprehensive open data catalog.

Integrate open data into your data strategy

Enriching your sales and marketing databases with data from third-party providers is just one step in a cohesive data management strategy.

To execute on your company’s specific go-to-market strategies, there are hundreds of processes where leveraging open data and your own custom datasets can help. The Openprise Open Data Catalog in our data enrichment software contains hand-curated data sets to solve common data challenges and make better use of your data.

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Here are just a few examples of things you can do with the Open Data Catalog and the Openprise platform that are hard to do with only a CRM or marketing automation solution:
  • Create a segment of prospects within 30 miles of NYC for an event.
  • Keep names like “Mickey Mouse” from being routed to sales after being marked as MQL.
  • Define your own industry segmentation that doesn’t have to align with SIC or NAICS codes.
  • Assign all inbound leads one of your buyer personas.
  • Segment leads by personal email address or business email address.
There’s no limit on how you can use the Open Data Catalog and your own custom datasets for further prospect data enrichment.

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Data enrichment can be confusing. But it doesn’t have to be.

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