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In a perfect world, data flows effortlessly among systems. But, you don’t live in that world. You’ve got valuable data in your sales, marketing, and helpdesk solutions, not to mention third-party data from a long list of providers, and that data is only useful if you can consolidate it for segmentation, scoring, routing, and personalization.

Align all your internal systems

Even when you deploy multiple products from the same vendor, they don’t always play well together. Different schemas, implemented by different teams, with different goals can spell trouble for data-driven marketers.
Use Openprise data unification to:
  • Clean up bad data and duplicates in your sales and marketing solutions.
  • Normalize data values, using pre-built data recipes, for a single data standard.
  • Transform and correlate data from different systems using both exact and fuzzy matching.
  • Append lead, contact, opportunity, and account data across systems so everyone that touches customers and prospects has the data they need in the system they use. No more logging into multiple applications to piece together information manually.

Wrangle data from multiple data providers

All data providers claim to have the latest and greatest information, and most have a nifty API to match a record and fill in a missing field value. Easy enough, but you probably want to do more.
Openprise data unification capabilities can play a critical role in any multi-vendor data strategy by helping you:
  • Maintain a fully-normalized database, even when different providers have different types of values for fields like Industry, Job Level, and Job Function.
  • Determine, among multiple data providers, which should be used first and which should be a secondary provider, for any given field.
  • Automate the way you resolve conflicting data between your house database and third-party data.
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Tap into the Openprise Data Marketplace

The Openprise Data Marketplace gives you instant access to the leading B2B and B2C data providers, with all the business processes to ingest and manage that data from multiple providers built right in.
  • Simplify complex configurations for ingesting data into your marketing and sales databases.
  • Stitch together data from multiple providers and standardize on your values, not theirs.
  • Designate primary, secondary, and tertiary data providers to ensure you get what you need.
  • Easily swap in and out data providers as your needs change.

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