Making Every Enterprise

We’re Data Geeks

We believe that great data and the right process are the foundation of anything exciting that you want to do—like marketing automation, ABM, personalized selling, customer journey optimization, and that hot new idea you want to try that’ll blow the doors off anything your company has ever seen before.

We’re fascinated by the explosive growth of Open Data—the vast body of public information that can be freely used, shared, and built-on by anyone, and by the potential of Open Web technologies to transform and generate new insights from this data.

We named our company “Openprise” to reflect the immense opportunity we see to leverage Open Data and Open Web technologies in a single platform to help data-driven professionals solve some of their toughest challenges in Marketing, Sales, Support, Finance, and HR.

We’re doing something exciting and new by enabling non-technical professionals to take disparate silos of data and use them to solve business problems without massive consulting projects, expensive middleware, or teams of data scientists and programmers.

We methodically look at a given business problem, like marketing data quality, lead routing, and data unification, and solve that problem by applying our platform, which contains all the necessary automation, integration, and data. We’ve knocked the ball out of the park on solving those problems, and we’re excited about the huge list of business problems we’re taking on next.

We’re a veteran team of enterprise software technologists with backgrounds in CRM, big data, integration, and security. We’re also marketing, sales, and customer success professionals ourselves. We’ve built the product we wish we had earlier in our careers.

Welcome to Openprise.



The Openprise Team