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Marketers often have a hard time knowing where to invest their budgets because of poor attribution data, leading to missed opportunities and poorly performing campaigns.

Overcome these challenges with an automated marketing attribution solution that removes dirty data and gives a clear picture of campaign performance.

Gain new insights on where to make your next marketing investments using Openprise intelligent campaign attribution.

Growth leaders trust Openprise to accelerate their pipelines

See the most accurate view of campaign performance

Automate the entire campaign attribution process and immediately improve the accuracy of your campaigns.

Leave behind the old “garbage-in / garbage-out” method of data processing; instead, start using records that are automatically normalized, deduped, and segmented before you even begin modeling.

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14 cutting-edge marketing campaign attribution models—and why we recommend none of them

Customize attribution models to fit your business needs

Get the most accurate view of campaign performance using both out-of-the-box and highly configurable customizable campaign attribution software models. You’ll deliver fast insights to marketing and sales leadership, so you can move quickly and confidently on important campaigns.

Experiment using as many models as you need in a safe space without impacting production CRM or marketing automation systems, all while using any number of additional integration options to fulfill business requirements.

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Get into the weeds with in-depth attribution reporting metrics

Compare campaign attribution model output side-by-side and easily transfer the results to your organization’s BI tool of choice. Create highly configurable reports, dashboards, or even custom apps based on the needs of your individual stakeholders using our marketing attribution solution.

Learn how each touch moves deals through the pipeline and connect to a multitude of data sources for better reporting through the API Factory.

Find out how Netskope gained visibility into of each touchpoint in their marketing funnel.Read their story
“We can see a top-down funnel that shows the touchpoints, and we can examine the effectiveness of individual touchpoints.”
Director, marketing operations
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“We can see a top-down funnel that shows the touchpoints, and we can examine the effectiveness of individual touchpoints as well as the speed and close rate.”

Josh Ren, director marketing operations, Netskope

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