Solutions for Account/Territory Administration

Go below the tip of the iceberg

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Routing leads and opportunities is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to managing territories.

You need strong data quality, account management and hierarchy mapping, and the ability to rebalance and mass change at scale to get leads and opportunities where you need them, when you want them, as part of your overall go-to-market strategy.

Clean and standardize

Identify and route high value leads and opportunities

Improve lead routing efficiencies through data cleansing, standardization, and cleansing to quickly identify, match, and route high value leads through the entire process.

Match leads to accounts based on multiple criteria, not just email domains. Automate the entire process and reduce account volume in your CRM by eliminating duplicates and inactive accounts.

Identify and route high value leads and opportunities
Test and iterate

Create a flexible territory management strategy

Rebalance territories and observe the results in “what if?” scenario testing without ever affecting your systems of record using sales account/territory management software solutions.

Implement different routing rules for separate territories and regions, all based on their specific geographical and legal differences.

Territory management strategy
Automate and delegate

Eliminate bottlenecks in your process

Automate the timely ingestion of new leads and rebalance and optimize territories in real time. Territory assignment changes are automatically reflected in all downstream RevOps processes to ensure efficient, effective lead routing.

Streamline your entire territory management process with automation and delegation so you never miss out on a hot lead again with our sales account management software.

Eliminate bottle necks

“Openprise is a perfect fit, providing the right support to get us live quickly. It was key to realizing our top corporate goal: showing value and adding trust and better communication across our entire GTM org.”

Phuong Pham,
Marketing and revenue operations lead, BigID

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