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You need job function and job level information to accurately segment your prospects, score leads, assign leads to the right nurturing tracks, and implement effective ABM programs. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay a data provider for this or suffer with their low match rates. Instead, let Openprise bots run our algorithms to automatically derive these job segmentation fields for you.

Target more effectively with better job level & job function segmentation

Unlike third-party data providers, which often have a match rate of only 30%, Openprise provides accurate job level, job function, and job sub-function up to three times more often.
With Openprise you can:

  • Leverage a massive catalog of thousands of job title keywords.
  • Take advantage of Openprise bots understanding of job title logic, like understanding that the title, “Assistant to the VP of Marketing” is an individual contributor even though the keyword “VP” is in the title.
  • Customize job function and job level values based on your unique business requirements.

Say goodbye to tedious manual filters

Without consistent, reliable job function and job level values, marketers often resort to using hundreds of filters in their marketing automation system to score leads.
With Openprise lead segmentation you can:
  • Eliminate the pain of manually building countless filters that don’t scale.
  • Improve accuracy with an automated approach.
  • Process large volume of records with ease.
  • Take advantage of bots to keep segmentation up to date when job titles change.

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