Passion for Product, Customer, and Problem Solving

At Openprise our passion is to build great products that solve everyday business problems, and make our customers’ lives better. See examples in this blog post here.

We innovate where it counts. We do not chase technology or market fads. We do not buy the hype and focus on real pains. We do not talk about disruption, we just do it. We run a tight business. We believe if you build a great product and take care of your customers, everything else will fall in place.

You should take pride in building great software and delivering great customer experience. You should enjoy solving problems, both technical and business problems, because that is how you grow. We are a veteran team with deep enterprise software experience, but we still learn new things everyday. We foster an environment where you can try new things, take calculated risks, and learn from doing.

If your passion aligns with ours, we would love to speak with you.