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There’s no question that modern enterprise data warehouses (EDWs) offer unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and performance. To see even more value from their EDW investment and gain faster time-to-value, leading companies are deploying their EDW solutions together with Openprise.
Openprise helps you see faster time-to-value from your enterprise data warehouse by delivering additional capabilities for data quality, computation, data onboarding, data governance, and end user interaction.

The data quality engine: solve the ``garbage-in / garbage-out problem``

The reporting and analytics in your data warehouse are only as good as the underlying data. Rather than writing endless scripts, use the Openprise no-code enterprise data automation platform to automate these processes with prebuilt bots that perform:
Garbage in garbage out
The computation engine: automate anything

The computation engine: automate anything

Shave weeks off deployment times by using Openprise to process complex calculations in your EDW. Through an easy-to-use, forms-based interface and a step-by-step process, you can quickly design business processes to perform calculations across multiple data sets. You can orchestrate processes with Openprise enterprise data warehouse software to:

The onboarding engine: add new data anytime

Openprise data onboarding capabilities make it easy for non-technical users on your marketing and sales teams to simply drop new data files in file sharing apps like G Suite, Dropbox, and Box—Openprise does the rest. Openprise enterprise data automation capabilities include:
  • Self-service
  • Inline data quality
  • Inline data governance
  • Partner data, open data, and third-party data
  • Custom front end for the onboarding process
Onboarding engine
Data governance engine

The data governance engine: protect your data all the time

Because your data warehouse contains data from many different sources—and you use that data to make important decisions—Openprise delivers a wealth of data governance capabilities to protect the integrity of your data, identify critical data issues, and maintain regulatory compliance. Openprise capabilities include:
  • Data profiling
  • Data lifecycle management
  • Privacy controls
  • Automated detection & remediation

The user interaction engine: two-way access for non-technical users

Openprise user interaction capabilities enable end users to interact with data in an enterprise data warehouse beyond what’s possible with traditional BI tools. Without writing any code, you can quickly create custom apps for groups of users to graph, report, and even write back to your database. End user interaction capabilities include:
  • Two-way interaction (“do,” not just “view”)
  • Self-service
  • Custom apps
  • Custom APIs
  • Use case-specific interactions
2 way access engine

How to build a CDP on top of an Enterprise Data Warehouse

You, the marketing and sales team, want to have a CDP. Your IT counterpart suggests you take advantage of the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) they already have or looking to build.
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