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You’ve got dirty data coming from dozens of sources: your website, syndication, webcasts, and lots of people in sales and support touching your data. Clean your data, and keep it clean with Openprise’s automated data cleansing. All your data-driven processes—like segmentation, routing, scoring, and attribution—will work better.

Keep your data clean 24×7 with automated bots

Your data is constantly changing. Deploy Openprise bots to continuously monitor and clean in real time so that your data is always in pristine condition.

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With our CRM data deduplication software, you can:
  • Clean up incorrect email and website addresses.
  • Employ algorithms to derive key fields for segmentation like Job Level and Job Function.
  • Fix capitalization issues—NO MORE SHOUTING AT YOUR PROSPECTS.
  • Automatically filter known bogus names like “Mickey Mouse” so they’re never sent to Sales as an MQL.
Data cleansing for accounts and contacts

Openprise bots clean data to your unique specifications.

Cleansing Salesforce leads data

Openprise can clean data in Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Amazon Redshift, and more.

Make normalized data the new normal

Every lead file has its own quirky formats and field values. That’s a recipe for dirty data that can also make segmentation and reporting a nightmare. Openprise works behind the scenes to keep your data normalized to your specifications.

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  • Standardize company names, such as “GE” vs. “General Electric” using algorithms with fuzzy matching.
  • Normalize phone numbers in every country, based on the right local format, so auto dialers work flawlessly.
  • Normalize state and country fields to two-letter codes or spelled out, even with data in local languages and double-byte character sets, so segmentation is a breeze.

It’s never “my way or the highway”

There are no black boxes in Openprise. You, not a data provider or software vendor, decide how to clean and standardize your data. Openprise bots reference dozens of open data sets that you can tweak to fit your needs.

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  • Create your own buyer personas to map to job titles, job functions, and job levels.
  • Define how geographies roll up—put places like Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico in whatever regions align with your sales territories.
  • No more spreadsheets, macros, or error-prone filters to normalize your data. With automated data cleansing, better segmentation, scoring, routing, and attribution are right around the corner.
Open data aids data cleansing normalization

It takes data to clean data. The Openprise Open Data Catalog provides you with the data sets you need to clean your data. You can even add your own custom data sets unique to your business.

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