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Businesses that rely on dirty data find that all their downstream data processes—attribution, lead, scoring, and segmentation, to name a few—aren’t accurate and negatively impact revenue. Instead, clean your data as soon as it enters your system with data quality automation processes like normalizing and deduping to ensure your data always stays pristine. Create a foundation for RevOps processes by letting Openprise continuously clean, standardize, and normalize your data.

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Prevent dirty data from entering your system in the first place with the Openprise data quality solution. We automate cleansing, standardization, normalization, and dedupe in real time so you never have to worry about bad data. Automatically clean leads and contacts as soon as they’re created by eliminating bogus names, incorrect emails, and broken URLs. Drive revenue faster than ever before by making it easy for your sales team to reach the right people.

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“I knew the Openprise platform would grow with us, from automating data quality to orchestrating evenmore complex processes.”
Marketing operations manager
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Make sure your data processes work correctly to get data that supports your go-to-market initiatives. Use our data quality platform to start cleansing, deduping, and segmenting your data:

  • Automatically cleanse and normalize all your contact data once you implement your standards in Openprise.
  • Easily tailor the deduplication process for your unique requirements. Test dedupe logic in a safe environment outside of Salesforce and Marketo—without impacting live processes.
  • Segment by job level, job function, and job sub-function, as well as normalized company names, phone numbers, and location fields to effectively target the right decision makers.

Get the analytics you need to make critical decisions for segmentation, lead routing, attribution, and other crucial marketing and sales processes.

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Make an impact on your RevOps processes

Improve your data quality and your other RevOps processes like attribution, lead scoring, lead routing, and segmentation will produce better results.

Create a single source of truth by unifying all your data sources with the Openprise RevOps Data Automation Platform to provide greater visibility for all your RevOps processes.

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“By starting with the cleansing and dedupe process, we saved money on enrichment data and we made our limited budget go even farther.”
Senior data administrator and analyst
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“Since we’ve automated all the data standardization and list loading processes, there’s nothing to do except check the headers and upload the list.”

Roberto Fernández Madero, manager of marketing operations, Zendesk

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