RevOps Data Automation Cloud

The first no-code, full-stack data orchestration and automation cloud designed for RevOps builders.

More tech + more data does not mean more revenue

For many years, RevOps has made bigger and bigger investments in technology and data to continue to drive better GTM results, but that equation doesn’t work anymore.

Business results are falling far short of expectations:

Report dissatisfaction with attribution insights

Lack confidence in lead routing accuracy

Experience underutilization of RevTech stack capabilities

Today’s RevOps stack

In today’s world, the old playbook of throwing more tools, people and money at a problem does not work anymore. You need a new architecture, which replaces the “spaghetti” of connections with a middle layer that breaks down silos, empowers your team, and can grow efficiently with your business.
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RevOps Automation Cloud

The Openprise RevOps Data Automation Cloud is a layer of shared data and automation infrastructure that connects every application in the execution layer with all the systems of record.
RDA Cloud diagram

The Openprise RevOps Data Automation Cloud

The Openprise RevOps Data Automation Cloud combines data orchestration, funnel automation and performance measurement with a no-code interface and full-stack capabilities at enterprise scale. To learn more, read the RDA Cloud data sheet.

Why Openprise RevOps Data Automation Cloud?

Agility: Implement changes with ease, in a timely manner. Have all the tools to maintain the environment efficiently.
Scale: Improve the productivity of the GTM and operations team to keep up with the growth of the business. Accommodate growth in customer base by being able to handle large volumes of data.
Simplification: Solve multiple problems with a single solution. Rationalize your shared data and cross-funnel process automation with a single solution rather than a growing set of tools, spreadsheets, and code.
Reliability: Allows you to build the right architecture in your RevOps stack, that eliminates many issues created by tech debt.
Low risk: With built-in data persistence and processing power to spare, the RDA Cloud can act as your sandbox for innovation, without the risk of affecting your systems of record.

End-to-end RevOps Data Automation capabilities

Scale up and simplify your RevTech stack with a single, no-code platform

Optimize pipeline

  • Account hierarchy
  • Account scoring and grading
  • Account segmentation
  • Territory re-balancing
  • Mass change automation
  • B2b revenue waterfall

“What stands out is the ability to run all these processes within Openprise, without needing to push data back into the system to see the results. The ability to move data in and out of Openprise—and manage that data within Openprise as a sandbox simulation—is really where the value of the platform lies.”

Roberto Fernández Madero,
manager of marketing operations, Zendesk

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