The foundation for RevOps data quality

RevOps Data Automation Cloud

The first no-code, full-stack data orchestration and automation cloud designed for RevOps builders.

Challenges of the modern data-driven revenue team

  • You can’t trust your data
  • You can’t take timely actions
  • You can’t make the right decisions

In fact, every RevOps problem is a data quality problem

RevOps provides a customized, iterative go-to-market approach, providing the shared integration and data orchestration across revenue teams, processes, and technologies. This approach delivers data quality at all three levels: technical, operational, and strategic.

Data quality broken into different levels

… Take account assignment as an example

Today’s fragmented approach to RevOps data quality doesn’t scale

The old approach of adding more tools, people, and patching RevOps data quality no longer works. Siloed data, manual processes, and custom code create data and tech debt that hinder efficiency and ROI, leaving businesses struggling to keep up.

RevOps Data Automation: the foundation for data quality

The Openprise RevOps Data Automation Cloud is a layer of shared data and automation infrastructure that connects every application in the execution layer with all the systems of record.

Most common integrations

The Openprise RevOps Data Automation Cloud combines data orchestration to unify and cleanse your data, funnel automation and full-funnel performance measurement, and a no-code builder to synchronize, expose as API’s, or as deployable apps across your revenue cycle.

Why Openprise RevOps Data Automation Cloud?

Agility: Implement changes with ease, in a timely manner. Maintain the environment efficiently.
Scale: Improve the productivity of the GTM and operations team to keep up with the growth of the business. Accommodate growth in customer base by being able to handle large volumes of data.
Simplification: Solve multiple problems with a single solution. Rationalize your shared data and cross-funnel process automation with a single solution rather than a growing set of tools, spreadsheets, and code.
Reliability: Allows you to build the right architecture in your RevOps stack that eliminates many issues created by tech debt.
Low risk: With built-in data persistence and processing power to spare, the RDA Cloud can act as your sandbox for innovation, without the risk of affecting your systems of record.

End-to-end RevOps data automation capabilities

Free up your GTM teams to focus on critical customer lifecycle moments that drive efficient business growth. Eliminate manual, error-prone data processing and unify fragmented silos, cutting costs from poor enrichment and improving data quality.
Scoring ICP / TAM analysis Enrichment ROI
Attribution Campaign performance analysis Buyer’s journey
Routing Matching Segmentation Territory administration CRM bulk update Account hierarchy
Funnel automation Demand unit waterfall List loading System integration Report data preparation Champion mover
Unification Normalization Governance and compliance Identity resolution

“What stands out is the ability to run all these processes within Openprise, without needing to push data back into the system to see the results. The ability to move data in and out of Openprise—and manage that data within Openprise as a sandbox simulation—is really where the value of the platform lies.”

Roberto Fernández Madero,
manager of marketing operations, Zendesk

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