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It’s no secret that most sales teams don’t trust lead scoring. Why? Lots of bad and missing data, models nobody ever quantitatively tested, and a myopic view of prospect behavior that often only includes email and website visits, just to name a few. You know you can do better!

Openprise lead scoring software gives you more powerful scoring capabilities to accurately model the unique buying behavior of your company’s prospects at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

One size doesn't fit anyone

You can create multiple lead scoring models in Openprise—including time-based scoring models—and test out which one is most accurate for your sales cycles.
Openprise lets you model:
  • Time-Based Scoring – Re-score daily, unlike most scoring systems that decay scores at a fixed rate over time when there’s no activity. Openprise also supports more advanced scoring models that reflect seasonality or buying cycles.
  • Momentum-Based Scoring / Trending – Track the rate of change in daily scores as a leading indicator of a prospect’s interest in engaging with your company.
  • Composite Scoring – Incorporate scores from multiple solutions into a single, weighted score.

Lead scoring using a panoramic customer view

Scoring just website and email activity gives you little insight into who’s interested in right now. Your best prospects are doing much more.
Openprise makes it easy to integrate buying signs from:

  • Activity in free trials.
  • Support tickets.
  • Custom fields used in your sales methodology.
  • And many more.

Integrate 3rd party data

Integrate third-party data into your lead scoring models

Openprise lead scoring software lets you move beyond the simple models offered in most marketing automation solutions by incorporating data from multiple sources, like:

  • Demographic information about leads from the Openprise Data Marketplace.
  • Technographic data to ensure a lead’s tech stack is compatible with your solution.
  • Intent signals from providers like Bombora and G2.
AB tests

Perform A/B tests on everything with multiple scoring models

Most marketing automation solutions only allow you to create one model at a time. Openprise lets you create and run multiple lead scoring models simultaneously to identify the best fit and then continuously test out new ideas. Let your AEs and ADRs take a crack at this. Place your bets. Win big.

Unburden marketing automation

Unburden your marketing automation platform

Some marketing automation solutions are brought to their knees by scoring algorithms, but Openprise scales and easily rescores millions of records every day. Offload the process to Openprise and let your marketing automation solution focus on what it does best.

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