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How do you quickly get spreadsheets of leads from online events and other campaigns into your marketing and sales automation systems in a way that scales? You use Openprise automated data onboarding platform!

No more tedious hours spent cleaning up spreadsheets. No more polluting the clean fields you do have with non-standard values. No more creating custom fields because you can’t tie the new data into what you’ve already got—yeah, we saw you do that. Openprise automates the entire CRM data onboarding process, eliminates errors, and gives you hours of time back in your day.

Get leads into your system and out to your reps ASAP

Imagine getting leads from an online event to your reps so quickly that they can follow up while your prospects are still at their desks!

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Openprise B2B data onboarding can:
  • Standardize field values like State, Country, Job Level, and Job Function so you don’t have to.
  • Clean up bad or missing field values.
  • Fix formatting issues.
  • Upload spreadsheets automatically from apps like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
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Drop a spreadsheet in a file sharing tool like Box or Dropbox, and Openprise does the rest—automatically cleaning and normalizing the data and uploading the data to your marketing automation or sales automation system.

multiple data providers simultaneously

Tap into multiple data providers simultaneously and normalize those field value to your unique specifications using the Openprise Data Marketplace.

Streamline data onboarding by tapping into the Openprise Data Marketplace

Getting all the third-party data you need into your marketing and sales automation solution can be a complex, resource-consuming process, but not with Openprise.

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  • Source data from leading providers like ZoomInfo, D&B, Clearbit, Google Places, and more using the Openprise Data Marketplace.
  • Easily swap in one vendor for another—never get locked into one provider.
  • Custom-blend data from multiple providers while ensuring field values conform to your standards, not theirs.
  • Orchestrate which provider to use when based on your unique business processes.

Take advantage of pre-built integrations with the CRM solutions you use most

Whatever CRM solutions you use, we’ve got you covered, with support for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Zendesk, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Hubspot, and more.

Bring in data from help desk and service solutions from systems like Desk. No more sending upgrade offers to customers that are struggling. C’mon, you know better.

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  • Create your own buyer personas to map to job titles, job functions, and job levels.
  • Define how geographies roll up—put places like Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico in whatever regions align with your sales territories.
  • No more spreadsheets, macros, or error-prone filters to normalize your data. With cleaner data, better segmentation, scoring, routing, and attribution are right around the corner.
Pre-built CRM integrations

We’ve got you covered with pre-built integrations to the solutions you use most.

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