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When a hot lead gets routed to the wrong person, nothing good happens. Delayed follow-up, leads end up in a black hole, a tarnished brand image—all lead to lower revenue. Openprise can help by managing, at scale, the complex lead routing logic that most sales automation and marketing automation platforms can’t.

Get leads to the right reps ASAP

Openprise lead routing automation can use any criteria, including named account, geography, product interest, partner involvement, or any other criteria.

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  • Automate lead-to-account matching, based on your business needs, without getting stuck in a 'secret algorithm' you can't change.
  • Route based on any criteria.
  • Built-in cleansing before routing provides unparalleled accuracy.
lead routing based on any criteria

Your data’s constantly changing. Deploy Openprise bots to continuously monitor and clean data in real time for faster and more accurate lead routing.

simplify complex lead routing

Openprise makes it easy to keep up with constantly changing territory assignments and organizational structures.

Bring on the complexity; Openprise can handle it.

WYSIWYG routing trinkets are fine for simple routing tasks, but only Openprise can handle the world’s most complex territory structures.

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  • Our lead routing software can route leads based on geography, product interest, partner involvement, customer status, lead score, upsell potential, or any other criteria you can imagine.
  • Execute lead routing faster, without bogging down your sales and marketing automation systems.
  • Make changes on-the-fly to keep up with constantly changing territory assignments.

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Make attribution easy by automating the entire process

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Want the nuts-and-bots on lead routing and account assignment?

Download our massive 17-page white paper: “The Comprehensive Survival Guide for Lead Routing and Account Assignment

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