Champion Movers Solutions

Don’t wait months for the data to catch up with your champions’ moves! Immediately update your records and account owners when your best customers and prospects change jobs.

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Today, people change jobs more often than ever. Now when a champion moves, you’ll receive an immediate signal, opening a golden opportunity to leverage your goodwill and experience with them at their new organization — to help you start a new deal or close an existing one more quickly.
Process management

Track all your contacts moves every month

Our smart bots track your prospects and customers for you, so you can focus on more important tasks like lead generation. We will also send an alert to the contact or account owner.
Automatic search
Email verification
Record management

We will tell you where your champion went

Because we know where your champion went, we will update the record at their old organization and populate a new one at their latest stop. It’s also an opportunity to enrich the new record.

Easy-to-use review

Review potential movers who failed the automated validation of their new job in an easy-to-use app.
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