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Automate the process of lead-to-account matching to improve lead routing, account scoring, and attribution

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When incoming leads aren’t automatically converted to contacts and associated with accounts in applications like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, many processes like lead routing, account scoring can’t work at their best. That’s why Openprise lead-to-account matching functionality is so critical.

Get the most sophisticated lead-to-account matching solution you can buy

While many lead-to-account matching solutions merely look at email domains and apply fuzzy logic to identify an account, Openprise Lead-to-Account Matching takes a far more sophisticated approach to yield more accurate matches.
Our data matching solution enables you to:

  • Analyze multiple fields to establish a match.
  • Combine multiple approaches to finding the right match.
  • Cross multiple languages.
  • Eliminate black boxes by letting you tailor the logic to your unique environment, no coding required.

Match leads to buying groups and demand units too

Along with the standard account structures in sales automation and marketing automation solutions, Openprise has the flexibility to match a lead to any custom structures including SiriusDecisons Buying Group and Demand Units.

Do so much more with a single solution

A lead-to-account matching solution is just the first step in many complex processes that can also be automated using Openprise. Dramatically simplify your martech stack and pay off your technical debt with a single platform that uses capabilities like lead-to-account matching to automate processes.
  • Lead routing
  • Lead and account deduplication
  • Account and lead scoring
  • Account engagement analysis
  • Whitespace analysis

Get all the capabilities you need to automate your lead-to-account matching

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