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The privacy landscape is evolving quickly, with new jurisdictions, such as California and Canada, adopting privacy laws similar to the GDPR with increasing regularity. To fully comply, you need to go beyond your website and look at your RevOps stack and make sure all your systems are storing personally identifiable information (PII) in accordance with the law. If they’re not, you could be opening your company up to millions of dollars in fines and other serious sanctions.

Control the flow of EU data of your company with fine-grained data filters and permission roles

Ensure EU lead and contact data never gets unintendedly processed by non-compliant third-party data providers.

Control the flow of EU data to technology vendors (data processors), agencies, other partners.

Identify leads and contacts that subject you to privacy laws, even without country field data

Tag and classify your customer data according to various privacy laws including: GDPR,  CASL, CCPA, Nevada based on email address, IP address, website, phone number, and more.

Maintain detailed reporting on all data processing activities inside Openprise and across third parties

Comprehensive audit trails show what’s been done to every record.

Complete log records show which records have been transmitted to third-party data processors.

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