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If you’ve got personally identifiable information (PII) from anyone in the European Union (EU) in any of your RevOps systems, and you don’t have a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) in place with those companies, you’re not GDPR complaint. It can cost your company up to €20 million or 4% of a company’s annual global revenue—whichever is highest.

How can you ensure it’s not the end of the world as you know it?

Use Openprise GDPR compliance automation software, a central control point that provides visibility, control, and access management inside and outside of your company, without the added complexity of traditional security and compliance solutions.

Control the flow of EU data of your company with fine-grained data filters and permission roles

Ensure EU lead and contact data never gets unintendedly processed by non-compliant third-party data providers.

Control the flow of EU data to technology vendors (data processors), agencies, other partners.

Safeguard PII data

GDPR compliance automation controls in Openprise can ensure that EU PII data doesn’t leave the company.

Identify EU data missing country field

GDPR capabilities in Openprise can ensure that EU leads don’t leave your system, even with a missing Country field value.

Identify leads and contacts that fall under GDPR, even without a valid country field value

Flag potential EU data based on email address, IP address, website, phone number, and more.

Cleanse, normalize, and enrich country field values, without passing data to a third-party data providers, to ensure bad or incomplete data doesn’t get you in trouble.

Pinpoint potential EU data from any custom field in your sales and marketing automation solutions so nobody falls through the cracks.

Maintain detailed reporting on all data processing activities inside Openprise and across third parties

Comprehensive audit trails show what’s been done to every record.

Complete log records show which records have been transmitted to third-party data processors.

Maintain detailed GDPR reporting

GDPR functionality in Openprise includes comprehensive reporting on key business processes.

See how you can easily bring in data from several third parties to fit your unique requirements

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