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GDPR — What We Chose to Do at Openprise

Before GDPR went into effect, Openprise took steps towards compliance. Emailed everyone in our database about our updated Privacy Policy: We sent this one out earlier than just about everybody, and positioned it as a model for GDPR compliance in…
Gdpr The Morning After…what To Do With Those Non-opted-in Leads?

GDPR the Morning After…What to Do with Those Non-Opted-In Leads?

It’s May 25th, 2018, the day GDPR takes effect. Pencils down. You’ve done all you can for GDPR compliance. You have: Put up a cookie warning banner Added opt-in to your forms Updated your privacy policy and sent out the…

GDPR and CASL – They’re NOT the Same Thing

As the implementation date for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, the EU’s digital privacy requirements) on May 25th nears, many companies are making efforts to ensure they’re compliant. Others are still wondering what they need to do or have decided…
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Marketing Op’s Guide to GDPR Compliance

Read the guide to GDPR compliance for marketing ops. We’ll focus on the needs of the marketing operations team within any enterprise that collects and holds EU citizen data.