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The Real World: Marketing Operations with Openprise

Frighteningly, after 26 years, the MTV reality series The Real World still exists as a TV show. Even when it started, it wasn’t very “real” but these Marketing Operations scenarios are. Here’s a little dose of reality on how to solve real-world problems for Marketing Ops—with a lot less drama: Episode 1: Pulling a List […]

Posted on January 16, 2019
Data Normalization

Data Normalization Basics: Why You Don’t Really Want to Normalize Job Title

Not long ago, a prospect mentioned that their primary need was to normalize job titles and that he’d been searching online for a solution to do this. While I understood the goal, this wasn’t, in fact, the right thing to do. His problem was this: With so many unique job titles, it was really hard […]

Posted on January 9, 2019
Best Practice, Data Cleansing, Data Hygiene

Stop Using Picklists on Forms If You Want Good Quality Data

Common wisdom and best practice in marketing a dime a dozen. Many of them sound perfectly logical and intuitive, but the results often don’t validate the hypothesis. The data often tells a different story. Today we will discuss one of these “best practice,” the use of picklists on marketing sign up forms. The “Best Practice” […]

Posted on December 3, 2018
Article, Best Practice, Data Cleansing, Data Hygiene

Has Your CRM System Turned Into a Data Dumpster?

Find out if your CRM system has become a “Data Dumpster” and learn what to do about it.

Posted on September 25, 2018
Data Enrichment, Data Segmentation

Using Data Management for Event Lists

I’m no Excel wizard. Before I joined Openprise, if someone had asked me to put together data from four different spreadsheets into a single resource by joining data, I would have been baffled as to how to even start. Over the last few months, I’ve been learning how to use Openprise. As both an exercise […]

Posted on September 6, 2018
ABM, Best Practice

Thinking about ABM? Start Here.

If ABM is the next thing on the agenda at your company, you’re either deeply involved in the selection of accounts for the initiative or you’re waiting to hear what those accounts will be. While many would expect the hard parts to be selecting the accounts and then creating the campaigns, there’s a large project […]

Posted on July 26, 2018
Best Practice, Data Hygiene

Marketing Operations Isn’t the Plumbing, It’s the Foundation

Too often Marketing Operations professionals are seen as the “plumbers” of the team. Their work is invisible until the shower backs up and then their colleagues only see them as fixers. When everything is running smoothly, their work goes unnoticed. It’s time for Marketing Operations to present itself as what it actually is —the foundation of the building, not the plumbing for the house.

Posted on July 3, 2018
Best Practice, GDPR

GDPR — What We Chose to Do at Openprise

Before GDPR went into effect, Openprise took steps towards compliance. Emailed everyone in our database about our updated Privacy Policy: We sent this one out earlier than just about everybody, and positioned it as a model for GDPR compliance in the email offer. We didn’t particularly want people to read it so we sent in […]

Posted on May 30, 2018
Best Practice, GDPR

GDPR the Morning After…What to Do with Those Non-Opted-In Leads?

It’s May 25th, 2018, the day GDPR takes effect. Pencils down. You’ve done all you can for GDPR compliance. You have: Put up a cookie warning banner Added opt-in to your forms Updated your privacy policy and sent out the notification Updated your subscription center Put in new policies and processes Asked all your data […]

Posted on May 25, 2018
Best Practice, CASL, GDPR

GDPR and CASL – They’re NOT the Same Thing

As the implementation date for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, the EU’s digital privacy requirements) on May 25th nears, many companies are making efforts to ensure they’re compliant. Others are still wondering what they need to do or have decided it’s not important. While most marketers are in the know, I’ve heard a few stories […]

Posted on May 7, 2018

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