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Openprise Agile CDP Solution CDP, Data Integration

The Openprise Agile CDP Solution

The Openprise Agile CDP Solution: Why Now? How Are We Different? Last week we announced the Openprise Agile CDP (Customer Data Platform) solution. Aren’t we a little “Johnny come lately” you say? Why jump into such a crowded space so late in the game? Let me first explain our hesitation, and then the revelation that […]

Posted on March 30, 2020
AI in Marketing: How AI Helps Marketers Get Ahead AI, Marketing, Podcast

AI in Marketing: How AI Helps Marketers Get Ahead

This was a fantastic interview moment (I laughed out loud). So, I asked this question: What can companies do to get the account selection right? The answer was, “Cheat.” I had a chance to interview Latane Conant, CMO at 6sense, about what it means to “cheat” at marketing using data and AI. “The majority of […]

Posted on March 19, 2020
Sales Engagement Platforms: Better Experiments Mean Better Data Engagement, Podcast, Sales

Sales Engagement Platforms: More Experiments Mean Better Data

Today we’re talking about sales engagement. But before we get to that, I’d like to share a thought on sales follow-up: We’ve all been there: You send a thousand or more emails out and wait for the responses to trickle in. Some don’t respond at all. The ones that do will either give positive responses, […]

Posted on February 25, 2020
Company News & Culture

Meet the Openprise Team: A Minute with Grant Saechao

A minute with Grant Saechao, Customer Success Associate In this new series, “Meet the Openprise team,” we’re excited to introduce you to one of our Customer Success Associates, Grant Saechao. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Grant is our utility player, supporting our CSMs on several customer accounts. He’s the team member who most […]

Posted on February 18, 2020
The New Buyer’s Journey: 3 Ways To Reach Today’s Buyers Best Practice, Industry, Podcast

The New Buyer’s Journey: 3 Ways To Reach Today’s Buyers

Maybe you’re in the midst of creating your own category, or maybe you’re in a hotly contested market. Either way, you’ve probably figured out that today’s buyers have changed. They’re smarter, more researched, and by the time they call a sales rep, they’ve probably already decided on what they’re going to purchase. Welcome to the […]

Posted on February 4, 2020
4 Strategies to Ensure Data-Driven Thought Leadership Best Practice, Industry, Podcast

4 Strategies to Ensure Data-Driven Thought Leadership

Thought leadership can drive incredible PR gains, increase website traffic, and put your company in the spotlight. Data can drive better decision-making and improved sales. So how can you combine those to provide outstanding thought leadership, powered by the engine of data? It’s called data-driven thought leadership. To learn more, we asked the guy who […]

Posted on January 21, 2020
3 Keys to a Product-Led Go-to-Market Strategy Best Practice, Industry, Podcast

3 Keys to a Product-Led Go-to-Market Strategy

After spending some time with Jake Sorofman, one thing becomes super obvious: He really believes in what he’s doing. And that’s why Pendo wanted him as their CMO, because they have a similar, simple philosophy, based on their passion: Build the world’s greatest tool for product teams. The rest will follow. And it did. To […]

Posted on January 7, 2020
How Zycus Gets 7x ROI on Their Digital Marketing Best Practice, Industry, Podcast

How Zycus Gets 7x ROI on Their Digital Marketing

Zycus has been growing at an impressive pace for some time now. Ashish Agrawal, their Head of Digital Marketing, is a big part of that. He attributes this growth to their attribution model. Rather than settle for out-of-the-box analytics that typically offer siloed perspectives, Zycus created their own year-end attribution review. This model looks at […]

Posted on December 31, 2019
List loading is easy with Openprise Best Practice

What List Loading and Anthony Bourdain have in Common

What List Loading and Anthony Bourdain’s Advice on Not Ordering Fish on Mondays Have in Common On the way to the SiriusDecisions Tech X event last week, the conversation with my Lyft driver turned to Anthony Bourdain, the celebrity chef, author, and travel writer who passed away last year. All foodies are familiar with his […]

Posted on December 18, 2019
What Exactly is “Data Quality” for Marketing and Sales? Data Quality

What Exactly Is “Data Quality” for Marketing and Sales?

It seems like every company we talk to these days has a data quality initiative going on. Maybe after years of tinkering with the latest and greatest marketing and sales technologies, people have finally figured out there’s no silver bullet or Easy ButtonTM that can give you more leads and higher conversion without doing the […]

Posted on October 24, 2019

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