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We are hiring: marketing data janitor

About Us:   Pre-IPO Unicorn Inc.

We are a Web 3.0 SaaS company leveraging predictive machine learning Big Data technology to enable the mobile Internet of Things sharing economy with ephemeral messaging and virtual reality

Job Title:   Marketing Data Janitor

We are looking for a highly motivated, data driven marketer to join our world-class sales and marketing operations team. The Marketing Data Janitor is responsible for manually cleanup, normalization, and segmentation of leads, accounts, and sales POS data from internal and third party sources. You will work closely with demand generation and sales enablement teams to support their weekly data requirements to help drive marketing campaigns, field marketing activities, and sales initiatives. You will also work closely with sales and marketing executives to slice, dice, chop, mince, and scramble data to build dashboards, ad-hoc reports, and what-if analysis.

Job Requirements:

  • 5 years minimum experience in the B2B high tech industry
  • Experience with and Marketo is required
  • Experience with Access Database and SQL is highly desirable
  • An absolute wizard with Excel macros
  • Knows VLOOKUP and pivot table like nobody’s business
  • Very fast hands with copy-and-paste
  • Can scroll and scan a spreadsheet at high speed without getting nausea
  • Can tolerate Excel and laptop crashes multiple times a day without getting frustrated
  • Is entertained when staring at the hour glass / spinning beach ball cursor
  • Enjoys cleaning the same data multiple times over and over again
  • Immune to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Enjoys stimulating conversations with data scientists
  • Must have a positive, high-energy, go-get-it-done attitude while chained to your desk 60-hour a week

Why work for Pre-IPO Unicorn Inc.?

  • We offer free lunch and dinner 7 days a week
  • We offer free massage, acupuncture therapy, and yoga class 3 times a week to alleviate sore neck, sore back, sore shoulders, and sore hands
  • We offer standing desk option so you can keep your legs as busy as your hands
  • We use Macs because Excel runs super fast on Macs
  • We have an open bar in our open-floor-plan office
  • We are conveniently located in San Francisco’s SOMA district so you can have anything you want delivered to you within an hour or have someone do any chore you don’t want to do by just pressing a button on your smart phone
  • Sorry, we currently do not offer a housing subsidy for San Francisco apartments

Send your resume and cover letter to:


OK, all tongue-in-cheek joking aside. Many of us in sales and marketing roles, regardless of seniority, often find ourselves doing the job of a data janitor. A data janitor’s job is not glamorous, but it is an absolute necessity for any data-driven marketing team. If you find your team spending too much time doing data scrubbing and not enough time being a marketer, Openprise Data Automation can help.


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