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Using the Trailblazer’s guide to marketing, sales, and RevOps excellence

The guide is arranged to look at the funnel and its operational processes from top to bottom with a focus on RevOps Data Quality. If you want to use the whole guide to get a perspective on all the processes at all the stages, great; go from start to finish. If you have a specific area that’s in your purview, then you can go straight to that section, see what it has for you, and dip into other parts as needed.

The guide has callouts for the hands-on operations team that needs to know what to build as well as sections geared to executives and operations leaders who need a high-level view of the benefits of what the team is doing.

If you’re a RevOps leader, check out the sections called “the business benefits” to see what the downstream impacts will be from the processes.

Are you hands-on? Use CRMs and MAPs on a daily basis? Check out the sections called “the nerdy bits” (and be assured I’m with you, I’m a nerd, it’s me). You can also use “the business benefits” sections to help communicate to your executives and leaders why you want to update, improve, or automate processes. These could help you communicate what you’re accomplishing.

If you’re looking for a way to explain how some of these processes impact the funnel so Marketing Ops and Sales Ops can work more closely together, there’s a section about that, too.

I wrote this with three aims:

  • Help teams and executives communicate the value of what the processes do to each other and across their organizations
  • Enable teams to focus on the most common processes needed at each stage of the funnel
  • Give teams ideas about what they should do and automate next as they work overtime to improve their processes

I hope you find it useful!

Download Trailblazer’s guide to marketing, sales, and RevOps excellence to start your journey today!

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