Next-gen RevTech stack - getting outside of your comfort zone

Open23 Session Spotlight: Next-gen RevTech stack – getting outside of your comfort zone

In this enlightening session from the Open23 Conference, Ryan Nelson, director of customer success at Openprise, Phuong Pham, senior director of marketing operations at JumpCloud, and Marisa Fiore, global director of marketing automation at SS&C, provide insightful solutions for revolutionizing your revenue technology stack and share valuable career advice. Check out the highlights of their discussion below, and watch the full session here.

Topic: RevTech stacks today and tomorrow

Martech map

  • Ryan Nelson set the stage by sharing the current martech landscape and urging us to shift our focus from the present to the future of tech stacks. With an eye on solving for the future, he and the panelists explored how their RevTech stacks have evolved and what they look like today.
  • Marisa Fiore manages a complex tech stack with more than ten CRMs (customer relationship management software) and various tools, including webinar platforms. She aims to consolidate this diverse tech ecosystem, ensuring seamless integration within each business unit. She emphasized the importance of thinking long term, highlighting the pitfalls of short-term solutions without a strategic plan.
  • Phuong Pham approaches tech stacks from Scott Brinker’s ecosystem perspective, emphasizing the need for real CRM access. He’s now focused on utilizing these tools across multiple business units, transcending traditional boundaries. Phuong highlights how startups encourage cross-functional collaboration, enhancing the decision-making process. “Start looking at other things. One of the great things about startups is I get access to many technologies on the market. These RevTech solutions are things that bring us together on the marketing side, sales, CS, and partners. We’re all looking at these together now. We are doing the evaluations together and even with that it helps along the way. It keeps things sticky.” explained Pham.

Topic: Why getting out of your comfort zone matters

  • Ryan Nelson highlighted the people aspect of adopting new strategies, which can be daunting. Approaching seasoned colleagues with the message that the status quo isn’t working can be challenging. He then invited Phuong Pham and Marisa Fiore to share their successful approaches.
  • Marisa, who works for a parent company with numerous subsidiaries, recounted her experience with making uncomfortable recommendations. She recognized that constant band-aid fixes were no longer viable for a rapidly growing organization. “Look, this is at a point where it’s not going to work for us anymore,” Marisa said she told management. “Our company is too big, we have too many teams that we have to work with. I am not going to be able to put some more band-aids in place because you’ve been doing this for a few years.” Her story underlines the importance of breaking free from familiar ecosystems and making bold decisions to drive long-term success.
  • Phuong Pham started his career in marketing automation, focusing on quick fixes. However, his perspective changed when he entered the startup world. He realized the value of addressing underlying issues and building sustainable solutions. He cites Openprise as an example of a solution that aligns with this sustainable approach.

Topic: Leveraging your team

The panelists stressed the significance of involving your team to maximize the potential of your tech stack. Collaboration and continuous learning are key.

Topic: Driving innovation through data

The panelists underscored that innovation begins with data. Understanding its purpose and how to leverage it is crucial for any tech stack.

Topic: Career advice

  • Marisa emphasized the importance of asking questions, mastering Salesforce, and being unafraid to push back when necessary.
  • Phuong said he wishes he had ventured outside his comfort zone earlier and encouraged open communication across all departments.

Topic: Tech stack recommendations

  • Phuong advised controlling what you can and avoiding overthinking.
  • Marisa said she encourages her team to explore and dig deeper into tools, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

The next-gen RevTech stack is about fostering collaboration, scalability, and sustainability. It’s not just about the technology; it’s about the people and the mindset of continuous improvement. Want to know why getting outside your tech stack is important? Check out Openprise CEO Ed King’s keynote.

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