Open 21

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Open 21 Openprise Conference

In the last couple of years, “RevOps” has gone from terminology to a movement of its own. Yet many companies are still unclear about the ideal state of a Revenue Operations or Go-to-Market Operations team. Is it a mish-mash of Sales Ops and Marketing Ops? Where should the RevOps team reside?

RevOps is more than just a title change or a re-org. It needs to be a genuine realignment of vision and goals by all teams that work with customers.

At Open 21, we learned firsthand from the experts on how they define “RevOps,” discuss common hurdles, and formulate the strategy for building a RevOps center of excellence while elevating the status of RevOps professionals.

Check out the Open 21 sessions on-demand now and hear how industry leaders tackle the question “RevOps, who are you?”


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