Use Automated Data Rules to for Data Cleansing, Data Normalization, and Data Transformation

Data that is dirty, fragmented, and in the wrong format can bring the best business applications to their knees and prevent you from getting the insight and return on investment you need. Whether you are trying to correlate data from channel partners, segment leads in your marketing database, or transform machine generated data for analytics, Openprise enables you to whip your data into shape using automated rules for data cleansing, data normalization, and ultimately, data transformation.


Openprise data rules can automate data manipulation tasks such as:

  • Cleansing and de-duplication
  • Normalization, classification, and tagging
  • Enrichment, appending, and de-normalization
  • Summarization and calculation
  • Aggregation and correlation
  • Transformation and mapping
  • Email, URL, and telephone cleansing

Data rules are linked to create data pipelines to perform series or cycles of tasks such as

De-duplication > Cleansing > Normalization > Tagging > Segmentation


Openprise data rules operate on your real-time data continuously. No need for expensive middleware and data management solutions. No coding. No need to rely on manual clean-ups that are slow and error-prone.

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