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Which RevOps Data Automation Skills Are In High Demand?

The never-ending volatility in revenue operations requires persistent professional skill development to adapt to the challenges that shifting markets create. RevOps Data Automation professionals must understand which skill sets will meet their clients’ needs as buyer preferences change.

Openprise conducted a comprehensive study involving marketing ops (MOps) and revenue ops (RevOps) professionals across various seniority levels. The study aimed to identify the skills essential for meeting current industry demands. Survey responses suggest that respondents’ preferences may unintentionally hinder their ability to achieve their goals.

Which abilities do RevOps find valuable?

RevOps is typically viewed as a multi-disciplined department where systems, enablement, and analysis skills are staples of the profession. RevOps respondents came to that same conclusion, except for one notable exception: financial modeling. Although RevOps professionals are expected to verify goals and performance, they generally don’t take point on budget planning.

Unsurprisingly, MOps prioritized account-based marketing more than their RevOps counterparts. Yet MOps respondents placed far less importance on process optimization and analytics, key skills that help MOps improve efficiency and meet critical goals.

Does senior management prioritize different abilities?

The priority gap between ops professionals with director or senior-level titles and other RevOps professionals is narrow. Both ranked sales and marketing process optimization as the most important, followed by data analysis and process building, which occupied either the No. 2 or No. 3 spot in each group’s top rankings.

The most significant disparity in skill ranking lies in RevTech management and optimization. Senior and higher-level roles ranked the ability at No. 4 in importance compared to below-senior levels, who ranked it No. 6.

How confident are operations professionals in their abilities?

MOps and RevOps followed expected trends, with MOps respondents reporting higher confidence in account-based marketing, while RevOps cited pipeline management. Yet RevOps respondents self-reported significantly higher confidence levels in revenue forecasting, data analysis, and translating business needs to system requirements.

There could be a few reasons behind this. One reason is that finance teams own budget modeling processes. The other possibility is that the skill wasn’t clearly defined enough for survey respondents.

Which soft skills do operations professionals prioritize?

Respondents consistently ranked soft skills like problem-solving and communication skills in the top three spots for desired skills. Yet flexibility and taking risks fell consistently in the bottom three desired skills.

Flexibility, risk-taking, and the ability to influence without authority are critical skills for evolving within the profession, allowing organizations to adapt more effectively to changing market conditions.

Exceptions to the rule

Two notable exceptions stood out from the survey. RevOps and senior leadership ranked the ability to influence without authority at No. 5, higher than their counterparts in MOps. Senior management ranked change management at No. 5 in terms of importance, while less-senior roles placed it at No. 8.

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