Turning a Lost ‘Champion’ into a Win for Your New Business and Customer Account Teams

For good or bad, the era of the paternalistic employer and days of holding one job for life are long in the past. Today, the defining characteristic of the free market system is mobility. In exchange, we’ve lost some security but gained the freedom to pursue our professional goals as we please or dare. On a practical level that means most of us will change jobs about 12 times throughout our prime working years, with the majority of moves occurring between the ages of 25 and 34.

Average number of job changes by age

For a B2B company, mobility within the ranks of our customers is more than just a statistic. It’s an ever-present uncertainty that hangs over every account. These movers aren’t just numbers, though; they’re real people and, likely, our best champions, whether as a current customer or prospect. Their internal or external replacement brings their own priorities and preferences and, often, a bias toward a competitor’s product or service.

One-third of your CRM contacts have most likely moved on

If you were to do a real-time check of your CRM database, you would likely find that 30-50% of your contacts no longer work at the sales or marketing account on record. If you already have a third-party vendor to update your records automatically, this might not trouble you. But maybe it should. Most enrichment services aren’t as quick as you think. On average, it takes the typical service three to six months or even longer to catch up with a move. In today’s world, that’s a lifetime. Your typical senior hire is looking to make an impact within their first 90 days, and a swap of a technology or a service is an easy way for them to get a quick win. If you’re waiting 90 to 180 days to reach out, you’re most likely going to miss the window to convert one of the best high-percentage opportunities your company can have.

Tracking movers at scale

The paradox of the modern world is that while our digital imprints are everywhere, wrangling and assembling them into an accurate, up-to-date, and GTM-ready profile is incredibly difficult. Most professionals will update their LinkedIn and other social business profiles within a few days of starting a new role. Signals like these, which are rich in the type of details SDRs and CMSs crave, are incredibly valuable, but they’re worth little without a way to operationalize them. As Ed King, founder and CEO of Openprise, noted in a recent webinar about Operationalizing B2B Sales Data, “the process involves multiple data sets and being able to make them actually work together for an end-to-end process.” It’s a complex ask that requires not only the capability to collect, contextualize, and orchestrate the signals but also deploy them, on demand in real-time sales and marketing motions.

Building your own solution isn’t out of the question. The data is there for the taking and available via LinkedIn and other open APIs. If you have the in-house talent and freedom to create the connectors and the code necessary then have it. But if you don’t, or would rather spend your development capital on the things that advance or improve your products, then an out-of-the-box solution to tracking contacts and accounts like that provided by Openprise’s Champion Movers is something to consider.

Getting started with the Champion Movers solution

The Champion Movers solution was explicitly designed for B2B businesses and allows you to track movement and trigger highly-effective sales and marketing motions across your most important contacts and accounts. It acts as an intelligent agent between Google, LinkedIn and your CRM, automating record management, enrichment, campaign creation, and related processes — all in real time. As a bonus, the program, with its real-time enrichment, can also help you boost your targeting and conversation rates while improving your attribution modeling and engagement scoring. For those looking to just track movers or get started sooner, we offer a lighter Movers Quick Start version, which is more ‘plug and play,’ and allows you to track the movement of your top 50,000 contacts each month.

Every time a champion or high-value contact moves it presents both the challenge of shoring up an existing account and the opportunity to close a high-probability deal. With the Openprise Champion Movers, you can solve both in one solution, immediately informing the customer account team to jump on the former while activating a sales or marketing playbook to take advantage of the latter.

Visit the Champion Movers page today to start tracking contacts and accounts or learn more.

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