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Road to MOpza Spotlight: Inspiration and creating a vision

The “Road to MOpza” series is an innovative collaboration between Openprise, MarketingOps, and Emmie Collective, inspired by MarketingOps’ wildly popular Summer Camp, a close-knit gathering exclusively for marketing ops pros. Echoing this format, Road to MOpza recreates the same depth of conversation and peer-to-peer engagement, moving away from the typical product-driven narratives often dominating our RevOps field.

This series is designed to strengthen the bonds within our community through meaningful dialogue. It provides a distinct forum where professionals can connect, share, and innovate while reinforcing the power of community and connectivity essential for advancing our industry.

Insight: reinforcing the RevOps & MarketingOps community ties in Menlo Park

Last Thursday’s event highlighted the success of this intimate approach. Attendees enjoyed personal moments of connection with peers encountering similar challenges within the MarTech landscape. Additionally, feedback was overwhelmingly positive, underscoring the value of such direct and intimate exchanges in fostering a deeper understanding of the field.

The atmosphere in Menlo Park was particularly vibrant, reflecting a sense of reunion for many who are integral to the Northern California marketing operations community. While distinctive to Menlo Park, this energy is something we will bring to all the Road to MOpza events to nurture longstanding connections within the community.

Insight: influencers add context to emerging trends

Jessica Kao, senior director of marketing operations and Martech for Cloudflare, and Paul Wilson, founder and chief strategist for GTM Systems, played pivotal roles in guiding conversations toward significant topics such as career growth and the integration of AI in marketing operations. Jessica’s focus on career development and team building, alongside Paul’s insights into AI’s potential in MarTech, shaped high-level discussions that everyone valued.

The event also spotlighted key themes that mirrored current industry RevOps challenges–including agile marketing operations, digital transformation, ROI and impact measurement, and optimizing marketing technology stacks. Undoubtedly, these wide-ranging conversations reflect the community’s drive to stay agile as the tech and business landscapes evolve.

Insight: community connection is critical to our future

Looking ahead, the Road to MOpza events will continue to focus on bringing people together. Moreover, it’s vital to share fresh insights on what marketing operations can truly be: an essential strategic function within organizations.

As we gather more data from these events, we’re also fine-tuning our understanding of regional trends and needs, ensuring our future plans and initiatives align perfectly with what our marketing operations community is looking for.

Insight: preparing for industry leadership

Road to MOpza isn’t just about exchanging ideas; it’s about cultivating a strategic, knowledgeable, and connected community of professionals poised to lead the way in marketing operations. With each gathering, we’re bridging gaps in understanding and practice and setting the stage for our attendees to shape their organizations and the industry.

If you’re passionate about influencing the future of marketing operations and building great connections, the Road to MOpza is your essential destination. Mark your calendars for MOps-Aplooza this November, and join us for the next Road to MOpza event!


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