Netskope improves lead routing and gains visibility into key funnel metrics

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Netskope logoThe seasoned team at Netskope Security Cloud knew better than to get stuck with an unwieldy tech stack made up of different marketing and sales technologies. That’s why marketing operations director Josh Ren deployed the Openprise RevOps Automation Platform to manage multiple complex processes like lead routing and attribution, among others.

Learn how Josh’s team at Netskope routes leads to the right person and measures marketing campaign success.

  • Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA
  • Founded: 2012
  • Company size: 1500 employees
  • Industry: Cloud security


  1. Faster and more accurate lead routing
  2. Lower license fees
  3. Clear visibility into campaign attribution
  4. A more transparent sales funnel
  5. The ability to predict which leads will close – and when

“When I joined Netskope, my first task was to scale lead routing. And I thought, ‘Do I try to scale our existing system, or do I dive into Openprise?’ It was a no-brainer.”

Josh Ren, Director, Marketing Operations

Getting prospects to the right rep, at the right time, with Openprise

Netskope faced challenges in accurately routing leads to the right salesperson. Josh kicked off the lead routing initiative by meeting with every sales team to get a better picture of each territory.

From there, Josh and his team built a routing table in Openprise that defined how to route leads based on the account owner.

Despite the complexity of Netskope’s routing rules, the team now routes more leads faster and with greater accuracy than before. They also take advantage of Openprise’s lead-to-account matching to route contacts as well as leads, which they couldn’t do before.

Measuring marketing campaign success through marketing attribution

The next challenge for the team was marketing and sales attribution, which is critical for the marketing team to understand which campaigns and tactics have the biggest impact on the pipeline, as well as to connect the dots between prospective customers’ interactions with the company.

Since implementation, the team can now see a top-down funnel that shows the touchpoints and can examine the effectiveness of individual touchpoints as well as the speed and close rate. The Netskope team uses this data to set meeting targets, and based on the conversion rates, set accurate lead and MQL targets.

Final takeaway

Josh could have selected any number of tools to build and manage these processes, but there’s a key reason he chose Openprise.

“A lot of these tools have to run within Salesforce,” explained Josh. “It’s fine for a small company, but as you grow, it slows your CRM system to a crawl.”

Josh’s advice: “Whatever data processing you have to do, don’t do it in your CRM. Don’t do it in your marketing automation platform. Do it in Openprise. It’s so much faster, and you can test your theory in Openprise before you deploy it in production.”

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