The 2024 State of RevOps Survey

Get an unfiltered look at the state of RevOps in 2024 from the landmark industry study that tells it like it is—in your words.

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See the big picture with high-level findings:

  • Why the survey matters
  • High-level findings
  • The data problem
  • Why we’re still talking about sales and marketing alignment
  • The partners who helped us socialize the survey

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Get more nuanced insights into the topics that interest you:

Report 1 includes:

  • How many companies have RevOps representation
  • Who RevOps reports to
  • Whether RevOps is consistently defined
  • Which go-to-market teams RevOps is expected to support
  • How RevOps should be structured for maximum impact

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Operational maturity

Report 2 includes:

  • Whether GTM teams are aligned
  • The degree to which data management is automated
  • How many teams have fully integrated and aligned tech stacks
  • Whether company size determines operational maturity
  • How RevOps impacts operational maturity

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The elephant in the room

Report 3 includes:

  • The health of customer and prospect data management
  • Whether organizations have landed on a “single source of truth”
  • How confidently people are that they you can tie marketing activity to revenue
  • Where RevOps automation ranks in terms of priorities

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Which operations skills are in high demand?

Report 4 includes:

  • Which technical skills are prized in RevOps
  • Which soft skills are in high demand
  • How marketing operations and RevOps differ in their priorities and skill sets
  • Whether senior management and frontline operations pros think about skills the same way

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The 2024 operations roadmap

Report 5 includes:

  • How high operational maturity organizations differ from others
  • What operations teams can do to positively impact alignment
  • How organizations can address data management problems
  • How to improve the RevTech stack
  • How RevOps pros learn key skills

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In partnership with:

We’re grateful for our partnership with community leaders and RevOps Co-op. Together, we aspired to create a source of truth for revenue operations professionals to use as you advocate for more resources, training, and positional power in your organization.