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Create self-service apps without writing any code

Getting the right data into the hands of the right users is hard—even when all the right data’s available. Openprise App Factory enables RevOps teams to unify data across systems and quickly create custom apps to search, report, graph, and edit marketing and sales data without writing any code. Give all your users tailored views of go-to-market data using self-service apps.

Openprise App Factory makes it easy for RevOps teams to:

Create custom apps without writing code

Give end users self-service access to data

Unify data across CRM systems

Enable two-way interactions with data

  • Build apps in App Factory in as little as five minutes.
  • Create highly customizable applications that match the needs of target users.
  • Deliver precise data tailored to your teams’ unique business requirements.
  • Give users access to the data without giving them access to the system.
  • Cut the amount of time your team spends on day-to-day fulfillment tasks with “set it and forget it” functionality.
  • Accelerate SLA fulfillment and decision making for your end users by delivering highly accessible self-service data.
  • Unify data from CRM, sales engagement, marketing automation, and other systems without investing in an expensive data warehouse or CDP.
  • Store and query “orphan data” using App Factory applications.
  • Empower users to both read and edit data in your company’s CRM, marketing automation platform, and more with—unlike business intelligence tools.

Here are a few examples of custom applications built in App Factory:

Openprise can clean data in Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Amazon Redshift, and more.

Marketing attribution dashboard app


A demand generation manager can’t easily view the performance of their marketing campaigns through a high-level dashboard using data from multiple sources.


An app built in App Factory makes it easy to view the overall performance metrics of active marketing campaigns to determine which ones are worth the investment.

Business impact:

The demand generation manager saw that one campaign, “How to Build,” performed so well that she expanded that campaign nationally and increased the size of the pipeline by 10%.
Every lead file has its own quirky formats and field values. That’s a recipe for dirty data that can also make segmentation and reporting a nightmare. Openprise works behind the scenes to keep your data normalized to your specifications.

It’s never “my way or the highway”

Your data is constantly changing. Deploy Openprise bots to continuously monitor and clean data in real time so that your data is always in pristine condition.

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  • Create your own buyer personas to map to job titles, job functions, and job levels.
  • Define how geographies roll up—put places like Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico in whatever regions align with your sales territories.
  • No more spreadsheets, macros, or error-prone filters to normalize your data. With cleaner data, better segmentation, scoring, routing, and attribution are right around the corner.

It takes data to clean data. The Openprise Open Data Catalog provides you with the data sets you need to clean your data. You can even add your own custom data sets unique to your business.

Keep your data clean 24×7 with automated bots

Your data is constantly changing. Deploy Openprise bots to continuously monitor and clean in real time so that your data is always in pristine condition.

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You can:
  • Clean up incorrect email and website addresses.
  • Employ algorithms to derive key fields for segmentation like Job Level and Job Function.
  • Fix capitalization issues—NO MORE SHOUTING AT YOUR PROSPECTS.
  • Automatically filter known bogus names like “Mickey Mouse” so they’re never sent to Sales as an MQL.

Openprise bots clean data to your unique specifications.

See how you can automatically identify and merge duplicate records in real time

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