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More tech + more data ≠ more revenue

For many years, RevOps has made bigger and bigger investments in technology and data to continue to drive better GTM results, but that equation doesn’t work anymore.

Business results are falling far short of expectations:

46%Report dissatisfaction with attribution insights

57%Lack confidence in lead routing accuracy

42%Experience underutilization of RevTech stack capabilities

But CEOs expect your RevTech investments to continue to accelerate growth.

The new normal: diminishing performance

Diminishing performance is new normal

Since 2015, companies have spent billions on sales and marketing technologies and the data that feeds them—an increase of more than 75% since 2015. But these investments haven’t paid off, and companies now see diminishing returns. This is the RevTech Performance Gap.

The Openprise RevOps automation platform™ closes this gap by automating critical RevOps processes to break down silos and align sales and marketing professionals and their technologies to deliver explosive growth. Openprise is a single, no-code platform that lets you:

  • Simplify your RevTech stack.
  • Respond faster to changes in your market.
  • Scale up operations to achieve your revenue goals.

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Make the strategic RevOps shift

Scale up and simplify your RevTech stack with a single, no-code platform to manage all these processes:

Marketing automation

Sales automation

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Transforming sales and marketing into a cohesive go-to-market team
Building a solid data foundation for better marketing
Transforming sales and marketing into a cohesive go-to-market team

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Make data a strength and an asset

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