RampedUp joins growing Openprise Connect partner program

The addition brings an extension of more than 700 million contacts to Openprise customers

SAN MATEO, CA, March 1, 2023Openprise, the leader in revenue operations (RevOps) data automation, announced today that RampedUp is now a partner in the Openprise Connect partner program. Openprise customers will be able to tap into RampedUp’s extensive database of more than 700 million contacts to enrich their customer data and keep their datasets clean. The Openprise Connect program brings together best-in-class data sources with the ability to operationalize data, driving relevance, growth, and more focused RevOps teams.

“RampedUp is an important partner for us and we’re excited to have them as part of our expanding Openprise Connect program,” said Ed King, CEO and founder of Openprise. “Giving our customers the ability to connect directly to key decision makers is a key part of increasing RevOps ROI in 2023.”

As organizations shift their approaches to efficient growth vs. growth at all costs, being able to track their “champions” as they move from workplace to workplace is vital. Among other benefits, RampedUp’s addition to Openprise Connect expands sales teams’ options in finding, building relationships with, and following those champions.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Openprise,” said Scott Miller, CEO and co-founder of RampedUp Global Data Solutions. “This opportunity allows us to connect more sellers and marketers to data that can actually change the game for them.”

This expansion of Openprise Connect comes after the launch of the Openprise RevOps Data Automation Cloud, the industry’s first no-code, full-stack data orchestration and automation cloud designed for RevOps. This will be a critical year for aligning sales, marketing, and RevOps, with organizations like Openprise and RampedUp helping the industry at large both survive and thrive during economic hardship.

About RampedUp

RampedUp is a trusted global business solution for marketers. We help our customers keep their database clean, current, and compliant with over 700 million contacts, 55 million company records, and 18,000 Technographics. Sellers use RampedUp to help them drill deep into their targeted accounts to find direct dials, email addresses, new alerts, and social profile links on decision makers.

About Openprise

Openprise is a leader in revenue operations (RevOps) data automation, helping companies transform their data into action at scale. We pioneered the first end‑to-end, no-code RevOps Data Automation Cloud purpose-built for non-programmers to integrate and unify siloed data and automate key go-to-market processes. Our single cloud platform aligns marketing, sales, and customer success teams and simplifies their technology to deliver fast and efficient revenue growth. Revenue leaders from Clari, Okta, Zendesk, and Zscaler depend on Openprise and our industry-leading partner ecosystem to drive competitive advantage. To learn more, visit www.openprisetech.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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