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Openprise Introduces RevOps Data Automation Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365

A suite of solutions to automate RevOps processes including an enhanced attribution solution that goes beyond the capabilities of simple out-of-the box attribution models

SAN MATEO, CA, May 23, 2023Openprise, a leader in revenue operations (RevOps) data automation, today announced the availability of a set of robust solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 along with an enhanced solution for attribution. Openprise solutions are used as core building blocks to automate marketing and sales operations processes such as data integration, matching and routing, and analytics and attribution while removing the cost and complexity of custom coding.

These solutions are powered by the Openprise RevOps Data Automation (RDA) Cloud, the first end-to-end data automation cloud for RevOps organizations that supports no-code data orchestration and workflow automation in a single cloud environment across the buyer journey.

Openprise solutions are built following industry best practices and expertise that optimize data accuracy and consistency across all systems and departments, delivering a single source of truth for revenue-generating teams. In addition to Microsoft Dynamics 365, the RDA Cloud and Openprise solutions integrate with Salesforce, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, and more.

Openprise brings robust data automation capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics 365

“By combining the power of Openprise with Microsoft Dynamics, we are able to elevate our data quality to unlock the full potential of our customer data without the cost and complexity of custom code,” said Drea Jordan, head of analytics and intelligence at Armanino. “Openprise RevOps data automation solutions allow us to aggregate, clean, and unify our data from multiple systems to build a foundation of trustworthy data to automate processes for better insight into our programs and customers.”

By 2025, Gartner says, 75 percent of the highest-growth technology companies will deploy the RevOps model. With this new business imperative, organizations are realizing the current siloed, linear go-to-market (GTM) approach is not working for today’s highly automated, multichannel customer engagement. A new technology architecture is required to easily bridge multiple systems, streamline the technology stack to automate RevOps processes, and orchestrate data to put it into action and share it across GTM teams.

“Openprise is proud to make available RevOps data automation solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Today, it’s clear RevOps is a business-critical requirement. Customer engagement occurs across multiple digital channels, making it challenging for revenue teams to access common data across multiple systems, such as campaign participation between Microsoft Dynamics and Marketo,” said Ed King, founder and CEO of Openprise. “With Openprise for Microsoft Dynamics 365, we can help sales, marketing, and customer success teams become more effective in leveraging data to drive decision-making and improve and automate operations.”

Openprise x-attribution extends attribution insights beyond marketing

Openprise attribution strategy combines deep expertise in data quality and unification with the knowledge that each line of business views attribution insights from a different perspective. The Openprise attribution solution maximizes the power of the RDA Cloud to perform cleansing, standardization, deduplication, and mapping of all data to a lead, contact, or account. The solution aggregates multichannel data, defines custom attribution models, and dynamically calculates specific key metrics organizations need to answer more complex attribution questions.

The Openprise attribution solution can work with models across multiple touchpoints: x-channels, x-funnels, and x-metrics. This means that users can uncover account signals from any activity, identify trends, improve business decisions, and allocate budget and resources toward high-value initiatives.

“Our growth marketing team relies on very intricate attribution models across our go-to-market motions,” said Madeline Aiello, marketing operations manager at Clari. “We were challenged with syncing key campaign data to our CRM system, and wanted something different than the traditional tools in the MarTech space. We were able to automate and generate our custom attribution models with Openprise, and within weeks we could see all interactions across the buyer’s group to uncover new insights that enable us to make strategic data-driven decisions.”

Since the launch of the RDA Cloud, Openprise has enabled high-performance RevOps teams to simplify their revenue technology stack, replacing point-product solutions with a single, scalable, and flexible platform to achieve operational agility at scale.

Learn more about Openprise RevOps data automation solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Openprise attribution here.

Openprise will continue to wave the RevOps banner at the Forrester B2B Summit in Austin, Texas, June 5-7, 2023. Visit Openprise at booth number 523.

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Openprise is a leader in revenue operations (RevOps) data automation, helping companies transform their data into action at scale. We pioneered the first end‑to-end, no-code RevOps Data Automation Cloud purpose-built for non-programmers to integrate and unify siloed data and automate key go-to-market processes. Our single cloud platform aligns marketing, sales, and customer success teams and simplifies their technology to deliver fast and efficient revenue growth. Revenue leaders from Clari, Okta, Zendesk, and Zscaler depend on Openprise and our industry-leading partner ecosystem to drive competitive advantage. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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