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Openprise Expands Data Marketplace & Launches New Multi-Vendor Data Enrichment Strategy Service

New Offerings Address Common Data Roadblocks to Success with Marketing Automation and ABM

Redwood City, CA – July 18, 2018 – Openprise, the leader in revops automation solutions for marketing and sales, today announced the expansion of the Openprise Data Marketplace to include a broad range of new third-party data partners and a new multi-vendor data enrichment strategy service enabling marketers to navigate the process of assessing data requirements, evaluating and selecting data providers, and onboarding data across multiple vendors. Together, the expanded partnerships help marketers and sales teams improve the effectiveness of their marketing automation and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) initiatives.

Almost a year ago, the Openprise Data Marketplace was launched to enable companies to easily acquire third-party data for solution vs like Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, and Microsoft Dynamics 365, as well as to simplify the process of onboarding, ingesting, and normalizing data in working with multiple third-party data providers.


New Providers and New Capabilities on the Openprise Data Marketplace

Today’s announcement includes a major expansion in the number and diversity of third-party data providers partnering with Openprise. New providers include: Dun & Bradstreet, Oceanos, DiscoverOrg, KickFire, Acxiom, Cognism, and People Data Labs

With these new providers, the Openprise Data Marketplace now partners with vendors that offer  important capabilities such as reverse-IP lookup, business-to-personal email address lookup, business data in the U.K., as well as more in-depth B2C and B2B data capabilities. These new providers join providers such as InsideView, Orb Intelligence, and SYNTHio who were members of the Data Marketplace when it was launched a year ago.

“DiscoverOrg is pleased to partner with Openprise,” said Katie Bullard, DiscoverOrg Chief Growth Officer. “Our customers benefit from having access to accurate and complete B2B marketing data – from verified account and contact data to organization charts to intent signals and buying scoops. The depth of our data gives sales and marketers a 360° view of target accounts and contacts, and our integrations ensure that data is always fresh, complete, and up-to-date.”

“We’re excited to be part of the Openprise Data Marketplace,” said Oceanos’ Founder and CEO, Brian P. Hession. ”Openprise users can now incorporate Oceanos’ contact hygiene and provisioning solutions directly within their automated processes to improve their demand generation and Account-Based Marketing initiatives. Our API wraps five leading hygiene vendors into a single solution, further amplifying the benefits marketers realize.”

The Openprise Data Marketplace now provides the world’s most comprehensive source of third-party data. With data from these providers, companies can improve their targeting, segmentation, lead and account scoring, and lead routing to shorten sales cycles and boost revenue.

“One of the biggest challenges marketers face is acquiring and standardizing clean prospect data in their system of record. It’s a critical piece in successfully implementing the SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall,” said John Donlon, Senior Research Director of Marketing Operations Strategies at SiriusDecisions. “Any technology that can facilitate that will give organizations a huge leg up not just in understanding their target audience, but in driving meaningful interactions throughout the buyer’s journey.”

Before the Openprise Data Marketplace was created, Openprise surveyed 175 marketing professionals to identify data marketplace trends and published its findings in the B2B Data Market Industry Report. The study showed that companies working with multiple data providers were much more likely to be satisfied with third-party data than those using a single provider.

“There is no single data provider that’s right for every company, for every purpose. Often the right answer is a blend of data from multiple providers,” according to Ed King, Founder and CEO of Openprise. “We hear two common challenges from our customers. First, they’re struggling with pulling multiple providers’ data into their marketing and sales system of record while maintaining a consistent set of standards. Second, we see that companies are looking for guidance on how to see beyond vendors’ similar marketing claims and quantitatively identify which providers are right for their unique requirements. The expanded Openprise Data Marketplace, combined with our new Multi-Vendor Enrichment Strategy Service, address both of these concerns, enabling companies to improve the success of their marketing automation and ABM initiatives.”


The Openprise Multi-Vendor Enrichment Strategy Service

The new Openprise Multi-Vendor Data Enrichment Strategy Service leverages Openprise’s vast experience working with leading data-driven marketing teams and all of the third-party data providers in the Openprise Data Marketplace. The service includes:

  • Cleaning and normalizing existing data in a company’s sales automation or marketing automation solution.
  • Assessing match rates with data from a company’s current vendors and analyzing unmatched accounts to determine a company’s data requirements.
  • Running comparisons of data from potential new providers to make recommendations based on quantitative data to maximize a company’s ROI.
  • Coordinating the ongoing process across data providers and normalizing field values to a company’s unique standards using the Openprise RevOps Automation Platform.
  • Unifying data across systems.

“Marketers should cast a skeptical eye toward any software company that bundles their own white label data with their product and claims their data is always the best. That simply can’t be true for every use case,” said Allen Pogorzelski, Vice President of Marketing at Openprise. “In fact, we’ve heard horror stories of companies that sought to improve their match rate by paying for a second data source that was essentially a white-labeled version of the first, so the company paid twice for the same thing. With our Multi-Vendor Enrichment Strategy Service, our customers know quantitatively how each incremental vendor’s data will improve their database and they have the processes in place to easily integrate new data in a way that conforms with their existing data policies.”

The Openprise Data Marketplace is an integral part of the Openprise RevOps Automation Platform, a SaaS application that solves the “garbage-in/garbage-out” problem for data-driven marketing and sales teams. With the Openprise solution, companies can easily automate critical processes such as data onboarding, data cleansing and enrichment, data unification across systems, and data delivery, all without any programing.

To learn more about the Openprise Data Marketplace or our Multi-Vendor Data Enrichment Strategy service, please visit: or contact Openprise at 1-888-810-7774.

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