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Openprise Announces Openprise Data Marketplace

Enabling Marketers to Easily Orchestrate the Ingestion and Management of Data from Multiple Third-Party Data Providers

Redwood City, CA – August 10, 2017 – Openprise, the leader in data orchestration solutions for marketing and sales, today announced the availability of Openprise Data Marketplace, a new solution that simplifies the process of ingesting and normalizing data from multiple third-party data providers.

Until now, getting all of the third-party data that marketers needed into solutions like Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, and Pardot was often a complex, resource-consuming process. Trying to mash together data from multiple providers, each with their own standard field values, often added exponential complexity.

With Openprise Data Marketplace, marketing and sales teams gain instant access to the leading B2B and B2C data providers, with all the business processes to ingest and manage that data from multiple providers built right in. Companies save time and money, and eliminate complexity in accessing and integrating the data they need for successful campaigns and account-based marketing programs.

Openprise Data Marketplace is an integral part of the Openprise Data Orchestration Platform, a SaaS application that solves the “garbage-in/garbage-out” problem by automating how companies onboard, clean, enrich, and unify their marketing and sales data across different systems.

“Earlier this year, we surveyed 175 marketing professionals to identify data marketplace trends and published our findings in the B2B Data Market Industry Report,” said Ed King, Founder & CEO of Openprise. “We found that companies that worked with multiple data providers were much more likely to be satisfied with their third-party data, but those same companies expressed how much they struggled with pulling multiple providers’ data into their marketing and sales system of record while maintaining a consistent set of standards. Openprise Data Marketplaces solves this problem.”

Premier data providers on the Openprise Data Marketplace include leading companies such as ZoomInfo, InsideView, Orb Intelligence, SYNTHio, Google Search, Bing Search,, Google Translate, and Google Maps, with many more currently undergoing final certification and testing.

According to Kevin Hsieh, Director of Online Marketing & Marketing Operations at AMAG Pharmaceuticals, “Since we work with many different data providers to get what we need, we’re excited that we could easily tap into all the providers we wanted in a matter of minutes, and normalize all of that data and tailor it to our specific requirements. Nobody else offers that capability.”

“We’re excited to make ZoomInfo’s 210 million businesspeople and 11 million businesses available on the Openprise Data Marketplace,” said Phil Garlick, VP Corporate Development at ZoomInfo. “Openprise’s data cleansing and unification capabilities, combined with ZoomInfo’s data accuracy, provides marketing and sales teams with an unparalleled solution to run more effective campaigns.”

To learn more about Openprise Data Marketplace, please visit: or contact Openprise at 1-888-810-7774.

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