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Openprise Announces Advanced Scoring Capabilities in the Openprise RevOps Automation Platform

New functionality provides greater accuracy and flexibility in identifying promising leads, contacts, and accounts

SAN FRANCISCO, November 7, 2017–Openprise today announced sophisticated new lead scoring solution capabilities for leads, contacts, and accounts in the most recent release of Openprise RevOps Automation Platform at Dreamforce 2017.

Many companies struggle to accurately score their leads because of the limited functionality in their marketing automation solutions. As a result, many sales teams distrust or even ignore those lead scores. In addition, very few companies are able to score at the account level at all. As a result, many sales teams are failing to engage with leads at the right time—slowing sales cycles, reducing sales productivity, and ultimately, missing revenue opportunities.

Openprise provides sales and marketing professionals with more powerful, flexible scoring capabilities to accurately model the unique buying behavior of any company’s prospects at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Openprise provides companies with:

  • Advanced Scoring for Leads, Contacts, and Accounts – Unlike scoring in traditional marketing automation solutions that only provide functionality for scoring leads, Openprise enables professionals to score at the account level as well. Built-in lead-to-account matching capabilities help ensure accurate account scores.
  • Multiple Scoring Models – Companies can create scoring models for different business units, products, channels, and geographies, as well as unique scoring models for new prospects and upsell opportunities. They can also test out multiple scoring models simultaneously and then standardize on the best one based on actual sales data.
  • Time-Based Scoring – While most scoring systems only allow scores to decay at a fixed rate over time when there is no activity, Openprise gives companies the option to re-score daily based on more recent activities during a given period, which provides a far more accurate score. It also supports more advanced scoring models that reflect seasonality or buying cycle.
  • Momentum-Based Scoring / Trending – Professionals can track the rate of change in daily scores as a leading indicator of a prospect’s interest in engaging with a company.
  • Composite Scoring – Companies can incorporate scores from multiple solutions into a single, weighted score.
  • Cross-System-Based Scoring – Openprise enables companies to easily incorporate data from multiple solutions, and incorporate custom fields used in multiple sales methodologies.
  • Pre-Built Scoring Recipes – Out-of-the-box, Openprise provides models based on best practices developed in scoring millions of leads.

Sophisticated scoring algorithms are also CPU intensive, and many third-party solutions are unable to adequately manage the workload. However, Openprise has proven its ability to scale and easily rescore millions of records every day.

With Openprise’s sophisticated new lead scoring system capabilities, companies can boost revenue, shorten sales cycles, and improve sales team productivity. Openprise is a RevOps Automation Platform that solves the “garbage-in/garbage-out” problem to make data-driven anything possible in Marketing, Sales, and Support. Openprise automates critical data management processes, including data onboarding, cleansing, enrichment, and unification across systems. Openprise is designed from the ground up for CRM, so it has the business rules, best practices, and data built right in, and it easily integrates with Salesforce, Pardot, and many other systems, so users are up and running fast.

Comments on the News    

“For too long, many sales teams haven’t been able to put much stock in lead scoring because their models didn’t include all the variables that make up a great lead, and because companies couldn’t rigorously test out different models using actual data to find an optimal scoring model for their business,” said Ed King, Founder & CEO of Openprise. “Now, with advanced scoring from Openprise, data-driven sales and marketing teams can model the unique attributes of their prospects’ buying behavior, and deliver lead and account scoring that can have a meaningful impact on a company’s top line.”

Openprise at Exhibiting at Dreamforce 2017

Openprise is a Silver sponsor at Dreamforce 2017, the most inspiring technology event of the year and
the world’s largest gathering of Trailblazers. Openprise is exhibiting at booth 1735 and 116 in the Dreamforce Customer Success Expo, showcasing the Openprise RevOps Automation Platform, the Openprise Data Marketplace, and its new scoring capabilities for accounts, leads, and contacts.

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