Openprise Announces 2023 Data-Driven RevOps Award Winners

5th Annual “Drivers” awards recognize leaders in excellence in the world of revenue operations

San Mateo, CA – November 8, 2023 | Openprise, the leader in RevOps data automation, today announced the winners of the fifth Data-Driven RevOps Awards (“The Drivers”). The Drivers data awards recognize professionals and teams who have demonstrated data-driven innovation in marketing, sales, and revenue operations over the last year.

“Openprise is excited by the enthusiasm and participation of our customers in this annual award program. Every year we see more of our customers competing for these awards,” said Emily Salus, vice president of customer success and services at Openprise. “By providing RevOps professionals with a data automation platform, we’re seeing more and more innovation and creativity, but also tangible, measurable benefits that save money, reduce manual work, and drive revenue.”

Eleven Data-Driven RevOps Teams were announced as winners and runners-up, in categories including:

Driving Business Impact Award

Runner-up: Rimini Street
Winner: Freshworks

Karthika Gopal, Manager – Marketing Operations
Sarath Chander, Manager – Business Applications – GTM
Pranes Prabaakaran, Senior Executive – Marketing Operations
Vimal Venkatesan, Lead – Marketing Operations
Dhananjeyan Lakshmiapthy, Marketing Operations Specialist

Affordable, quick to implement and designed for the end user, Freshworks software-as-a-service is trusted by more than 50,000 companies worldwide. It empowers businesses to enhance both customer experience (CX, CRM) and employee experience (ITSM, HRSM). By using Openprise to process up to 4,000 leads daily, Freshworks has achieved a 97.5% reduction in lead routing time and now has a consistency near 99.9%, significantly improving their operation efficiency. They have also substantially decreased the costs associated with manual lead routing, resulting in a manpower cost reduction.

Driving Creativity

Winner: Rippling

Conrad Millen, Sr. Director of Marketing Operations
Jason Edgar, Sr. Manager, Marketing Data Operations
Andrew Desbiens, Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations

Founded in 2016, Rippling has evolved to manage all aspects of employee data, from payroll and benefits, to the apps employees use, to a device management platform. By building a data warehouse to store data and creating a data ingestion process, Rippling is able to fuel a targeted/personalized email machine throughout their go-to-market (GTM) technology stack. This gives them the ability to control, audit, and pivot where needed, contributing to 25% of their pipeline.

Driving Data and Funnel Visibility Award

Runner-up: Lexmark International
Winner: Alight Solutions

Betsy Turnbaugh, Sales Technology, Senior Director
Carolyn Marshall, Salesforce Technical Lead

Alight, Inc. (NYSE: ALIT), a leading cloud-based human capital and technology services provider has been helping companies get more out of benefits, payroll, and HR for over 25 years. Alight has transformed the process for creating new accounts in their customer relationship management (CRM) system by streamlining data management, updating and simplifying data, and automating processes that used to take hours of manual research, providing more accurate data for 31% of their accounts and saving the team an estimated 520 hours annually.

Driving Efficiency Award

Runner-up: Moss Adams
Winner: OutSystems

Edward Lam, Sr. Marketing Operations Specialist
Erik Hoogeveen, Marketing Operations Specialist EMEA/Global
Sara Greer, Senior Manager, Global Marketing Operations

Uniting design, code and deployment, the OutSystems platform radically simplifies development so innovation can flourish and organizations can turn their big ideas into apps. OutSystems has transformed their list uploading process by streamlining and automating it, reducing processing times by 80-90%, automatically removing potential duplicates, and removing manual processes

from team members, letting them focus on higher-value efforts. These changes have also indirectly contributed to improved conversion rates and revenue generation.

Driving Stack Optimization Award

Winner: Onbe

Dom Freschi, Manager, Marketing Operations & Analytics

Onbe is the corporate payouts gateway that manages and modernizes consumer and workforce payments for enterprise merchants and brands. In less than six months, Onbe has been able to increase the amount of data being analyzed and provided to their Marketing and Sales teams with fewer integrations into their core platforms. By using Openprise, Onbe has been able to better use their key activity data from CRM, marketing automation platform (MAP), Sales Engagement Platform (SEP), and predictive modeling systems, creating a single source of activity structured for the teams that need it. They have seen more than a 50% increase in MQL-to-Opp conversion rates as well as a nearly 25% faster signed opportunity sales velocity year-over-year between 2022 and 2023 YTD.

Rookie of the Year Award

Winner: Druva

Ange Link, Director of GTM Data Governance

Druva enables cyber, data and operational resilience for every organization with the Data Resiliency Cloud, the industry’s first and only at-scale SaaS solution. By adopting Openprise, Druva has sparked transformation across five critical operational processes that have improved efficiency and accuracy in data, reporting, and process tasks, along with reducing the time spent on manual intervention. This has improved conversion rates and enabled consistent automation and data-driven insights. Druva has been able to update over one million opportunity team members to date, resulting in significant time savings.

Focusing on the “Just Align It!” theme for Open23, this category recognizes sales, marketing, and IT organizations bridging the gap across teams to drive RevOps. The winner must be using Openprise to boost efficiency, drive more sales, and expand accounts to scale their businesses.

Driving RevOps Alignment

Runner-up: Acquia
Winner: RxVantage

Ken Magness, Director of Sales Operations
Jeanne Flatland, SFDC Consultant/Administrator
Nick Calderazzo, Sales and Marketing Operations

RxVantage is transforming the way physicians and their staff receive education about the latest medical breakthroughs and technology, directly from the companies that develop them. The team focused on optimizing lead throughput from the marketing and channel teams, supporting two separate business units that require different account, contact, and lead record types. By leveraging Openprise, RxVantage has improved their speed to lead by 176%, resulting in a 30% increase in marketing event pipeline. This has enabled them to repurpose two full-time employees into revenue-generating functions, turning overhead costs into revenue. The result is not only reduced friction in the sales process, but the creation of a better experience for their clients.

The annual Drivers Awards reflect the growing list of RevOps builders forging a path in this evolving field. Openprise aims to support the broader industry community through the awards program, and hopes this year’s runners-up and winners see continued recognition from their customers, clients, partners, and peers.

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