Openprise Advances the RevOps Market and Introduces DataOps for RevOps

  • Buyer-centric enrichment solution offers 30% higher contact-match rates than single-vendor options, simplifying sourcing and integrating third-party data with a single contract.

  • New Artificial Intelligence for Ops increases the efficiency of automated RevOps data processing.

  • Unified RevOps Dashboards: all of your RevOps data, processes, and systems brought together in a single-pane view to help achieve operational excellence.

SAN MATEO, October 24, 2023 — Openprise, a leader in revenue operations (RevOps) data automation, today introduced DataOps for RevOps, a set of new capabilities expanding the Openprise RevOps Data Automation (RDA) Cloud. These capabilities bring a no-code, agile approach to revenue, data quality, enrichment, and orchestration across systems, enabling go-to-market (GTM) teams to unleash the potential for fully automated RevOps data and processes, freeing them from IT limitations.

DataOps has traditionally been part of the IT team and responsible for an organization’s data onboarding, quality, data stack, and data flow. RevOps teams, who orchestrate integration across systems including customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation platforms (MAP), and sales enablement tools, face challenges when relying on IT for data processes, management, and integration that crosses these systems. These challenges impact go-to-market teams’ ability to source and access all the data they need, leverage the data in revenue processes, or effectively monitor and manage revenue data performance.

“The transformation of modern RevOps continues to gather pace, and Openprise is committed to continuing to lead the charge in delivering best-in-class RevOps data automation solutions to our customers,” said Ed King, founder and CEO of Openprise. “By integrating new DataOps for RevOps capabilities within the RDA Cloud, we’ve made it easy for RevOps teams to enrich, enhance, and manage their data by leveraging today’s AI/ML innovations without requiring IT assistance, and given them the necessary tools to make data work for their revenue-generating strategies.”

New Openprise RDA Cloud capabilities include:

  • Buyer-centric enrichment experience that delivers over 30% higher contact-match rates compared to single-vendor alternatives. Buyers looking to enhance their data often struggle with finding and choosing reliable data providers, customizing the data for their specific needs, and managing vendors with their allocated time and budget constraints. Openprise simplifies data access, purchase, and integration through a single contract with best-in-class providers using an enrichment waterfall approach. By automating the acquisition of new accounts and contacts and a know-before-you-buy process with real-time vendor match rates, buyers gain a streamlined procurement process and benefit from cost efficiencies when purchasing multiple databases, all with full ROI transparency.
  • New AI for Ops makes it easy for revenue teams to integrate functionalities of generative AI models such as ChatGPT into the Openprise RDA platform. RevOps teams can clean free-text field values, summarize emails and activity descriptions, and harness structured or unstructured data and include all data into their workflow processes using AI/ML without the help of IT.
  • Unified RevOps Dashboards bring everything RevOps together in a single console view. Today, RevOps teams are struggling to manage numerous isolated applications and systems, making it challenging to trace connections between them. Openprise Unified RevOps Dashboards enable RevOps teams to assess data quality, pinpoint issues within minutes instead of hours, and efficiently locate problems in workflows by integrating process statuses from various systems, all in a single view to help achieve operational excellence.

“Today in RevOps, a transformation is occurring, reflecting organizations’ need to get leverage from the vast data assets they’ve amassed. To address these demands, RevOps is rapidly converging into categories across engagement, intelligence, and data automation,” said R “Ray” Wang, chairman and founder of Constellation Research. “Customers are asking their RevOps platforms to solve the problems of yesterday’s fragmented tech stacks, revenue processes, and data silos enabling the rise of the new Ops teams, to scale automation and align GTM teams.”

Since the launch of the RDA Cloud, Openprise has enabled high-performance RevOps teams to simplify their revenue technology stack, replacing point-product solutions with a single, scalable, and flexible platform to achieve operational agility at scale.

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