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Data-Driven Marketer of the Year 2017 Award Winners Announced

Openprise Recognizes Innovators in B2B & B2C Marketing

San Mateo, CA – December 20, 2017 – Openprise, the leader in revops automation solutions for marketing and sales, today announced the winners of the Data-Driven Marketer of the Year 2017 Awards (“The Drivers”). The Drivers are a celebration of professionals that have demonstrated excellence in data-driven marketing and sales.

“Many of the most sophisticated marketing teams in the country don’t get all the recognition that they deserve,” said Allen Pogorzelski, Vice President of Marketing at Openprise. “Marketing and sales teams are doing amazing work in taking a data-driven approach to marketing. Our goal with The Drivers is to give those teams time in the spotlight and inspire others in the industry to follow their lead.”

Winners of the Data-Driven Marketer of the Year 2017 Award include:

Data Unification Category:
Priya Malik, Sr. Analyst, Marketing Database, AppDynamics

Originally, AppDynamics used multiple vendors for data enrichment, and each vendor had its own unique values for key fields, which made segmentation very difficult. Priya Malik looked at the key fields in their scoring model (e.g., Industry, Country, and other key fields) and made a list of standard values. She configured Openprise to standardize the AppDynamics marketing databases on a list of 12 Industries, 300 global Countries, and 600 State/Province/Region values before information is pushed to Marketo and then Salesforce. AppDynamics is now able to segment much more strategically because key fields are normalized to their specific values, rather than whatever values provided by different data providers. Automating free-form values to a standard value through Openprise has been a huge win for the operations team that allows them to work on additional projects other than data hygiene.

Data Cleansing & Enrichment Category:
Jeff Canada, Manager, Global Marketing Operations, Quantcast

Quantcast was generating hundreds of leads daily from multiple sources with different data structures for key fields like job title. With over 30,000 different unique job titles from years of data collection, trying to filter based on Job Title alone made advanced targeting painstakingly manual. Segmentation had to be manually managed through hundreds of different keyword filters in Marketo and human review. Filters like “contains CTO” resulted in people with the title of “West Coast Sales DireCTOr,” so the wrong messages could potentially go to the wrong people.

When Jeff Canada started he looked to create a repeatable, predictable, and scalable process and turned to Openprise. Quantcast and Openprise partnered to derive critical fields for segmentation, including Job Role, Job Level, and Job Function based on Job Title to allow for better segmentation. As a result, Quantcast has improved response rates and increased engagement rates by nearly 25%. They’ve also been able to identify gaps in their database using Openprise and build out target accounts for their ABM strategy. Nearly 3/4 of their database can now be segmented for targeted, personalized communication based on who the person is, what they do, and what type of organization they work at.

Overall Most Dramatic Business Impact Category:
Josh Ren, Marketing Operations Manager; Kat Nobles, Senior Analyst, Marketing Operations; Tomoko Takeda, Marketing Analytics Manager, and Jeff Narduzzi, Sr. Manager, Sales Operations, Nutanix

Enterprise cloud computing leader Nutanix looked to improve many critical processes, including geographic data normalization, lead scoring, and list uploading. The Nutanix team replaced a slow, error-prone list uploading process that literally froze computers during large list uploads with a simple process where marketers now only need to place a list in a Google Drive and Openprise does the rest, freeing up the team for more strategic items. The team also replaced a simplistic lead and account scoring model with a much more sophisticated Openprise model that takes into account the recency of each activity (e.g., met at a field event, downloaded a whitepaper) and decays at the activity level rather than bluntly decaying total lead score at fixed rate. This provides a much more accurate picture of engagement. Finally, the Nutanix team realized that normalized geographical data was critical for improving reporting and lead routing, and using Openprise, the company was able to derive Theater, Region, and Subregion data, based on City, for the millions of leads in their Salesforce database and standardize those values so that they could more accurately route leads at scale.

The Drivers Awards are sponsored by Openprise, which provides revops automation platforms that automate critical business processes, including data onboarding, data cleansing and enrichment, data unification across systems, and data delivery. Openprise is designed from the ground up for CRM, so it has the business rules, best practices, and data built right in, and it seamlessly integrates with solutions like Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, and Salesforce, which are often a company’s system of record for prospect and customer data.

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