2023 Operations and Processes Survey Report

Marketing teams are struggling with inefficient tech stacks and have low confidence in their data

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Dirty data and siloed processes are keeping marketing teams up at night, new research reveals. Get more insights into these challenges and how successful teams are tackling them using a unified RevOps platform: download the full report.

B2B teams doubt the data

Data siloed across multiple platforms leads to leaky sales funnels and prevents teams from identifying successful tactics. Marketers lack confidence in their data, and just 29% are very confident in their campaign attribution process. Why are they so unsure? Poor data hygiene is a common theme.
Top quality challenges when doubting your data

Lead routing gaps trigger missed opportunities

Companies are fumbling the handoff from marketing to sales: a staggering 69% admitted they were not confident or only somewhat confident in their ability to deliver inbound leads from marketing programs to the right salesperson.
Lead routing challenges

Marketers lack the tools for ABM

Top-tier teams are using robust customer profiles and in-depth analytics to drive successful account-based marketing campaigns, but 67% of marketers are not at all or only partially confident in their ability to target accounts. Why the gap? Almost half say their existing tech stack hasn’t met expectations.
Obstacles to ABM success

About the survey:

The 2023 Operations & Processes Survey Report was based on data from a survey of 100 B2B marketing operations, demand gen, and revenue operations professionals, more than half at the director level and above, by Openprise and Demand Gen Report.
Operations and processes survey report 2023

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