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Openprise Announces Free Diagnostic Tool to Assess the Readiness of Companies’ Lead & Contact Data for Marketing Automation, Account Based Marketing, & Predictive Analytics

REDWOOD CITY, CA–(Marketwired – May 18, 2016) – Openprise, the leader in data automation solutions for marketing and sales, today announced the availability of Openprise Data Diagnostic. This free tool provides a quantitative assessment of the quality of companies’ marketing data in Marketo and determines the data’s readiness for advanced, data-driven marketing initiatives, including marketing automation, Account Based Marketing (ABM), and predictive analytics.

“Many companies know that dirty data is hurting the success of their marketing programs. However, until now, marketing organizations couldn’t quantify the extent of these data quality issues or determine appropriate actions to address the problem,” said Ed King, Founder and CEO of Openprise. “The Openprise Data Diagnostic allows companies to see concrete metrics about their data quality and take action prior to deploying data-driven marketing technologies in order to improve the performance of these programs.”

The Openprise Data Diagnostic is easy to set up. Any Marketo admin can integrate his or her Marketo instance with Openprise in five minutes or less. The diagnostic then evaluates a company’s entire data set, not just a representative sample, and provides an overall data quality score, as well as a detailed report to pinpoint issues through key metrics such as duplicate leads and contacts, missing city and state information, and incorrect email addresses.

The assessment can also accurately estimate how much improvement is possible with the Openprise Data Automation Cloud solution, which companies can try out for free for 30 days. Openprise Data Automation Cloud automates the analysis, cleansing, enhancement, and unification of marketing and sales data in leading marketing automation and salesforce automation solutions.

According to David Lewis, CEO of the marketing agency DemandGen and author of the book Manufacturing Demand, “There’s a whole spectrum of innovative marketing cloud technologies out there that can drive business growth. In addition to the right people and right processes, successful deployment always requires good data quality. Openprise’s new data diagnostic capability provides new insights into data quality that can have a measurable impact on the success of these technologies.”

To run the free Openprise Data Diagnostic on your Marketo data, please visit:

About Openprise

Openprise is a data automation solution that automates the analysis, cleansing, enhancement, and unification of your data so that you can deliver data-driven marketing programs and deploy advanced marketing technologies such as marketing automation, account-based marketing, and predictive marketing solutions. Unlike traditional data management solutions that are designed for IT departments and require coding, Openprise is designed specifically for marketers, so it contains the business rules and logic all marketers need and seamlessly integrates with marketing and sales automation systems like Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, and Salesforce. Openprise is free for up to 50MB/month. Paid subscriptions start at just $100/month. For more information, please visit

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