Drivers Awards 2021

Congrats to this year's winners!

The Drivers Awards celebrate the amazing achievements of RevOps teams, and showcase the innovation and accomplishments of these people and companies taking a data-driven approach to RevOps using Openprise.

The categories

The Drivers are comprised of five categories:

Driving creativity

This category recognizes RevOps organizations that use Openprise in an unconventional way. The winner must demonstrate a unique business need that required creating entirely new business cases that bring data together and use it to drive business and deliver information to teams in a novel way.

Driving RevOps collaboration

This category recognizes marketing and sales organizations that are bridging the gap across teams to drive RevOps results. The winner must demonstrate how using Openprise helps to boost efficiency, drive more sales, and expand accounts to scale their businesses.

Driving agility

This category recognizes sales and marketing organizations that embrace the philosophy of “agile” development when working with data. The winner must demonstrate the transformation of an audacious business vision into bite-size data projects, and persistently iterated to success, using Openprise to manage more and more data processes.

Rookie of the year

This category recognizes RevOps teams that have started using Openprise in the last year, and are doing amazing, fun RevOps projects using the platform.

Driving business impact

This category recognizes sales and marketing organizations that use Openprise to dramatically improve business processes, resulting in a direct impact on business performance. The winner must demonstrate significant impact to business outcomes in any or all of these areas: increased revenue, improved operational efficiency, or reduced costs.

Openprise is pleased to announce this year’s winners:

Winner of the Driving Creativity Award


Rob DeMartini
Marketing Director

Armanino LLP, one of the 25 largest accounting and business consulting firms in the U.S., uses Openprise for list uploads and updating existing records. Armanino built a comparison tool from scratch using Openprise that now facilitates the entire comparison against their system to ensure that the list uploader only creates net new records. The Automated List Upload process now runs 24/7 and is not reliant on any one person’s schedule. The amount of time spent on each list has dropped significantly, as Armanino now spends 40% less time on uploading lists.

Rob DeMartini

Winner of the Driving RevOps Collaboration Award


Tamila Ginsberg
Director, GTM Operations

Tom Murtaugh
VP of GTM Operations

Phuong Pham
Head of Marketing Operations

BigID used Openprise to reduce the cost of dirty data to 1/10 by delivering a solid data foundation. At the end of its territory management project, BigID also saw a 10x reduction in issues being filed for incorrectly routed leads. This time savings had a tremendous impact across all teams, contributing to increased pipeline from the new automated and accurate lead routing processes.

Tamilia Ginsberg
Tom Murtaugh
Phoung Pham

Winner of the Driving Agility Award


Eva Griffin
Director of Business Operations

Claudio Warneboldt
Data Quality Manager

Blackboard is a leading EdTech company that just recently partnered with Openprise with the mindset of start small, build, iterate, and grow. Blackboard initially used Openprise to cleanse, normalize, and enrich their contract data. By identifying small ways to improve their data and then branching to more complex issues, the Blackboard team has gained experience and confidence with Openprise and delivers higher quality data by automating many key processes.

Eva Griffin, Director of Business Operations
Claudio Warneboldt, Data Quality Manager

Winner of the Rookie of the Year Award


Daniel Chamberlin
Marketing Operations Manager

Vivan Chu
Sr. Director, Marketing Operations and Analytics

Derek Morefield
IT Manager, Software Applications

Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Management Company™️, enables cyber and operational resilience for enterprises. In less than a year, the Rubrik team has transformed and introduced many critical RevOps processes with the addition of Openprise. These processes include data standardization, process and report automation, and list loading. The team now sees consistent cost savings with a platform consolidation, as well as significant time savings for their 100+ Global SDRs, developer, and marketing operations resources.

Daniel Chamberlin
Vivian Chu
Derek Morefield

Winner of the Driving Business Impact Award


Roberto Fernández Madero
Manger, Marketing Operations

Zendesk is a service-first CRM company that builds software designed to improve customer relationships. Zendesk uses Openprise to automate data cleansing/standardization, enrichment, and deduplication, all of which has expedited the data onboarding process. The success of the transformation is apparent in the numbers: hundreds of thousands in revenue gain because of improved targeting and increased conversion, a 25% increase in sales reps’ efficiency, and another high six-figure savings due to productivity increases.

Roberto Fernández Madero

Congratulations 2021 Drivers Award winners!

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