Data Enrichment for Marketing & Sales

Boost campaign performance with the fields you need to improve your segmentation and lead scoring.

You want to deliver highly-relevant, personalized messages with pinpoint accuracy in every campaign. But the reality is, you probably don’t have the data you really need.

Keyword filters will only get you so far. Run a campaign targeting senior execs using the keyword filters, and you might end up with “Assistant to the VP” based on the key word “VP”. Create a segment on Job Function, only to find out your forms never collected that field.

Better Experience and Higher Response Rates.

Openprise data enrichment capabilities enhance your database with new fields and missing values to help you deliver more relevant, personalized messages that provide a better experience and higher response rates. With Openprise, you can:

  • Infer data from existing fields such as area code, city, state, and country to create more precise segments.
  • Enrich your data with new fields such as job function and job level, and even buyer persona, to see your prospects in a whole different light.
  • Append data from CRM, helpdesk, and 3rd parties to give you a more complete picture of your prospects.

How do we do that? Simple. With a very sophisticated data rules engine and lots and lots of good reference data.

Openprise Data Catalog: Data Enrichment Done Right

The Openprise Open Data Catalog is filled with a comprehensive set of reference data commonly used for cleansing, normalization, and enrichment, such as:

  • Lists of cities, countries, postal codes, metro areas, and area codes to help you fill in missing address fields.
  • Lists of Internet domains and free email providers to augment email and website fields, as well as identify if an email address is business or personal.
  • Lists of industries and SIC and NAICS codes for segmentation.
  • A list of over 2,000 job title keywords across six different languages to help you segment unstructured job title data into structured job function and job level data.
  • Any list you want to add or customize—Openprise can be tailored to how you want to manage your data. Got messed up lead source data? We can enrich that, too.
  • Openprise is also integrated with third party data from sources like Google Places to pull location and business information.

Openprise data enrichment capabilities use a comprehensive open data catalog.

A Sophisticated Rules Engine

Openprise automates the enrichment and transformation of data to your exact specifications. It allows you to create a sequence of rules you want to execute in a logical order. These rules can pull data from the Openprise Data Catalog to enrich your database with new fields and enriched fields. With Openprise’s rules engine, you can:

  • Leverage Openprise’s built-in data cleaning best practices rules.
  • Modify any rule to suit your requirements—no black boxes here.
  • Pull reference data from any source, or create your own.

Openprise has an easy-to-use rules engine for data enrichment.

Tap into the Openprise Data Marketplace.

Openprise Data Marketplace gives you instant access to the leading B2B and B2C data providers, with all the business processes to ingest and manage that data from multiple providers built right in.

  • Simplify complex configurations on how data is ingested into your marketing and sales databases.
  • Mash together data from multiple providers and standardize on your values, not theirs.
  • Designate primary, secondary, and tertiary data providers to ensure you get what you need.
  • Easily swap in and out data providers as your needs change.

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