We Go Deep on Data Management: Integrations with the Systems Marketers Use Most

We ain’t your father’s data management app. We’ve gone deep in integrating with the marketing and sales solutions you rely on to be successful. We don’t just move bits around. We understand the marketing processes this data powers and their underlying structures. Here are a few of the systems Openprise connects with:

Get More Out of Marketo

Marketo is more than just a marketing automation solution. It’s marketing’s system of record at thousands of companies, so we’ve gone the extra mile to help you get more out of it. Sure, Openprise will dedupe and cleanse Leads and Accounts and automate the process to continuously keep them clean. But that’s just the start! Openprise can also:

  • Roll up activity data by Account to give you new insights into your Account Based Marketing (ABM) initiatives.
  • Extract and normalize Activity data to improve your lead scoring system and feed your predictive analytics engine.
  • Slice and dice Marketo data, such as report on Activity data over Time and other dimensions, without having to wrestle with scripts.
  • Enhance your Lead records with Job Function, Job Level, and Buyer Persona information for more granular segmentation and more sophisticated lead scoring.
  • Extract and prepare your data for popular business intelligence tools.

Download the Marketo Data Governance Template

We’re Salesforce Savvy Too

It’s not unusual to have dozens of campaigns running simultaneously, pushing Leads into Salesforce, while hundreds of sales and support professionals are touching your company’s data every day—but it’s a recipe for dirty data. Cleaning and deduping Lead records in Salesforce is child’s play for Openprise. We’ve got that, and a lot more. We can:

  • Clean, dedupe, and normalize 15 key objects in SDFC.
  • Convert Leads to Contacts automatically, and add them to the right Accounts.
  • Clean and normalize Accounts, and merge related Accounts, to feed your ABM solution.
  • Create custom segmentations based on Industry, Annual Revenue, Number of Employees, or any other way you want to segment your Accounts.
  • Pull Task and Activity data into Accounts to give you a better understanding of the traction you have in target prospects.
  • Manage Lead routing rules that are too complex or too dynamic for Salesforce to handle.

Download the Salesforce.com Data Governance Template

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We Speak Pardot

Openprise is unique in the data management marketplace as the only Salesforce AppExchange partner with deep integration into both Pardot and Salesforce. It’s one-stop shopping for your SFDC MarTech stack. Use Openprise to:

  • Analyze data quality in real time, and continuously.
  • Clean up your data—Dedupe, normalize, and standardize all of your key fields.
  • Enhance your data with fields like Job Function, Job Level, and even Buyer Persona, using Openprise’ open data catalog.
  • Unify your data by using Openprise’s rules engine to assess which field values from multiple data sources are the “right” ones in your system of record.
  • Perform real-time data validation and appending using your favorite data service providers. We can even help you orchestrate data unification across multiple data sources.

See an SFDC/Pardot/Quip Demo

Collaborate Via Box & Google Drive

Because file sharing applications like Box and Google Drive are some of the most popular ways internal marketing teams and external teams, like data vendors and advertisers, share campaign data, Openprise has deep integration to push and pull data within these applications. With Openprise you can:

  • Clean, normalize, and enhance third-party data
  • Set Openprise to automatically look for new and updated files to upload campaign data from these systems.
  • Leverage Google Sheets to maintain and customize reference data.

Know Where Your Prospects Are with Google Places

Sophisticated marketers know that Google Places can enhance their data management efforts by providing one of most accurate sources of geographic and small business data. Using Openprise’s connector with Google Places you can:

  • Validate Street, City, State and Country information and auto-complete incomplete addresses.
  • Enhance your data with Business Name and Business Type (e.g., manufacturing companies, accounting firms)

No, you don’t have to know how to write code against the Google API. You have a list? We’ll take care of the rest.

Gain New Insights with Amazon Redshift

Out-of-the-box integration with Amazon Redshift lets you harness the power of the Amazon data warehouse without the pain of manually moving data in and out of the platform or writing database scripts. With Openprise’s bi-directional integration with Redshift, you can:

  • Automate data loading to and extracting data from Redshift
  • Validate data and check for foreign key constraints (Redshift doesn’t do either)
  • Clean and normalize your data without writing additional SQL code in Redshift

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