Zendesk finds its path to marketing operations fulfillment and impressive savings with Openprise

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The marketing operations team at Zendesk marketing sought to solve a problem many successful companies face, which was how to manage an ever-growing marketing and sales database while also making it easy for employees to get the essential data they need. They began the journey with Openprise to simply clean up data, but soon realized that the Openprise RevOps Automation Platform solved so many other challenges that Zendesk employees nicknamed it “the silver bullet.”

Learn how the Zendesk team uses Openprise marketing automation to successfully boost their efficiency along with their company’s revenue.

  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Founded: 2007
  • Company size: 5900 employees
  • Industry: Customer service software


  1. Hundreds of thousands in revenue gain from improved targeting and conversion
  2. High six-figure saving in team productivity improvements
  3. 25% improvement in data cleansing efficiency
  4. 25% more in sales team efficiency gains

“Since we’ve automated all the data standardization and list loading processes, there’s nothing to do except check the headers and upload the list.”

Roberto Fernandez Madero, Manager of Marketing Operations

Automation leads to 25% gain in data cleansing efficiency

Before implementing Openprise, the Zendesk team uploaded lists and fulfilled custom requests manually. Working this way caused delays and often led to leads growing cold before sales could follow up.

Now the team makes fast work of the data onboarding process with Openprise by automating data cleansing, enrichment, deduplication, and standardization.

The result? Zendesk has experienced a 25% gain in data cleansing efficiency since putting the automated processes in place.

Moving from reactive to proactive leads to efficiency and revenue gains

Zendesk’s marketing operations team had always been reactive in responding to requests. Openprise helped to transform the team’s dynamic, enabling them to be proactive about managing the data.

They have since added ongoing, automatic enrichment and cleanup to their data processes, and are now actively looking for ways to generate better and more actionable data at the source.

The success of the transformation is apparent in the numbers: hundreds of thousands in revenue gain because of the improved targeting and increased conversion, a 25% increase in sales reps’ efficiency, and another high six-figure savings due to productivity increases in the team.

Final takeaway

Automating these processes with Openprise has netted significant time savings and an increase in team productivity.

“What stands out is the ability to run all these processes within Openprise, without needing to push data back into the system to see the results,” said Roberto. “The ability to move data in and out of Openprise—and manage that data within Openprise as a sandbox simulation—is really where the value of the platform lies.”

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