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Okta logoAs Okta quickly scaled, the marketing and sales operations teams found that the manual processes that worked in the early days could no longer scale to accommodate its growth. That’s why Kat Nobles looked into Openprise when she came onboard as the marketing operations manager, as she knew a platform that could grow with the Okta team was a better path forward than integrating multiple-point solutions.

Learn how Kat’s team at Okta uses Openprise to automate data quality and orchestrate even the most complex marketing and sales operations processes.

  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Founded: 2009
  • Company size: 2300 employees
  • Industry: Cloud security


  1. Significantly increased speed-to-lead with automated list loading
  2. Boosted team productivity by automating contact and lead-to-contact deduplication processes
  3. Identified and merged 300,000 duplicates from a database of over six million records
  4. Eliminated disruption by implementing sales territory realignment over a weekend instead of the usual two weeks
  5. Cut manual lead-loading from 48 hours to five to ten minutes

“We can’t just say ‘let’s dedupe!’ and then merge all the records. Openprise was able to support that complex business logic without our team having to code anything.”

Jason Edgar, Senior Marketing Operations Analyst

Deduplication eliminates expensive extras

Okta incurred thousands of dollars in database storage fees by keeping duplicate records in its enormous database. This also had the added impact of slowing sales efforts and lowered productivity since multiple reps contacted the same prospects.

The Okta team used Openprise for contact, lead, and lead-to-contact deduplication, which enabled them to identify and merge 300,000 lead duplicates.

The Okta team found that automating the dedupe process gave sales better visibility into contact activity, giving them the opportunity to create tailored follow-ups.

List loading automation brings dramatic time savings

The next challenge for the team was how to handle uploading new records to their list. The marketing operations team had been uploading new records into a Box file until someone manually cleaned them. This led to plenty of opportunities for human error, and also caused new leads to grow stale while they waited to get cleaned and loaded.

Okta used Openprise to automate the cleansing, normalizing, and uploading of new lead files. The time savings from automation are dramatic: what used to be a 24- to 48-hour turnaround has been reduced to five to ten minutes, enabling sales reps to access leads quickly, while also improving connect rates and the number of new opportunities from a campaign.

Final takeaway

Automating these processes with Openprise has netted significant time savings and an increase in team productivity.

Now that the Okta team has an automation infrastructure in place, they’re using the Openprise platform to automate several more complex projects that involve incorporating data across multiple objects down to the person level.

The Okta team is continuing to plan more projects with Openprise. “Openprise is so robust that it will not only help you solve the problems that led you to implement it, but it will also help you solve problems you don’t even know you’re facing yet” shared Jason.

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