Great Place to Work finds a better way to route leads using Openprise

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Great Place to WorkWith competition for top talent at an all time high, businesses around the globe are looking to create names for themselves as great workplaces. Those who really want to stand out from the crowd turn to Great Place to Work®. The company certifies businesses by gathering feedback from employees on their experience. Companies that meet a designated threshold are given the distinction of Great Place to Work-Certified™ and go on to be considered for more than 20 additional Best Workplaces lists, including the flagship Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® list.

Learn how the team at Great Place to Work uses Openprise to handle all the data behind those lists.

  • Headquarters: Oakland, CA
  • Founded: 1953
  • Company size: 100 employees
  • Industry: Management consulting


  1. Achieved a 38% increase in win rates
  2. Reduced response time from five hours to less than one hour
  3. Increased close rates by up to 10%
  4. Reduced incidence of unqualified leads by 79%

“We know that the faster we answer inquiries, the more likely they are to turn into customers. At the same time, we know that all inquiries are not created equal.”

Pat Lechner, Operations and Analytics Director, Great Place to Work

Better data leads to fewer missed opportunities

Pat Lechner, Operations and Analytics Director at Great Place to Work, had a unique challenge: the company sells three tiers of products, and the sales teams—incented by higher commissions—were focused on the higher-dollar leads, letting some of the lower-tier inquiries fall by the wayside. Amplifying the problems were the international inquiries that should have been routed to one of the company’s 40 global affiliates, as well as inconsistent web forms that asked respondents for different types of information.

To make sense of prospects’ interest and find a solution to the company’s multiple lead management problems, Pat and his team used Openprise to normalize the input forms and standardizing the answer format, continuously standardize incoming leads and perform lead-to-account matching, and experiment with a sales team to handle low-cost leads.

The experiment becomes the best practice

Great Place to Work received a steady flow of leads through its revised, standardized web forms. The experiment reduced lead routing time from up to 12 hours, Monday through Friday, to 20 minutes, 24 hours a day. And because the leads are now better qualified, the lead-received-to-contact time dropped from five hours to less than an hour.

Openprise now manages the entire lead routing process, which enabled Great Place to Work to promote two full-time processing positions to new, strategic roles. Meanwhile, the reps working the higher-value, longer sales cycle sales now spend more time nurturing their opportunities. This led to an eight to 10% improvement in close rates across the entire sales team and a 38% improvement in win rates.

Looking ahead

On top of the improvements to KPIs, this experiment laid the foundation for more advanced segmentation and targeting capabilities. “We’ve always had a large and active lead database,” said Katherine Gillman, Director of Marketing Operations, “But we struggled with understanding the relationship status of these individuals.

With all of our leads converted to contacts on accounts, we can now effectively differentiate between prospects and customers at scale. It was an instant bump to our prospect list and has opened the door for targeted outbound at scale.”

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