Cordblood Registry ensures lead onboarding time is short so that prospects can have peace of mind for a lifetime

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CBR logoCordBlood Registry’s (CBR) newborn stem cell preservation service provides peace of mind for parents for a lifetime. The nine-month pregnancy period requires CBR’s marketing team to execute with absolute precision to not lose valuable time before engaging with consumers. That’s why CBR’s marketing team is always “on the clock” and must execute with precision and speed in a high-volume, high-velocity environment.

Learn how CBR Cord Blood Registry ensures that the flow of its lead data across partners and internal systems can support its fast engagement cycle without delay.

  • Headquarters: San Bruno, CA
  • Founded: 1992
  • Company size: 400 employees
  • Industry: Biotechnology


  1. Fully automated lead onboarding process for three million leads a year
  2. Ability to integrate with new lead generation partners in less than one day
  3. Real-time data quality and partner performance dashboards

“Openprise enabled CBR to streamline and automate our lead flow process without building and maintaining expensive custom solutions.”

Kevin Hsieh, Director, Online Marketing and Marketing Operations

Lead onboarding operates ‘round the clock

The Armanino team knew that everything starts with clean data, so they began by standardizing key fields and distilling more than 1,000 NAICS industry values down to the most relevant 72 values. The team also used Openprise to derive key contact fields, like job level and job function, based on job title.

The team then automated deduplication processes, including lead-to-lead, lead-to-contact, contact-to-contact, and account-to account.

The team then tackled the data enrichment process to improve the accuracy of contact and firmographic information. Armanino took advantage of multiple vendors from the Openprise Data Marketplace and used the Openprise platform to automate the process of pulling data from additional sources when the first one was unable to find a match.

Inactive leads are quickly moved to make room for new ones

After the nine-month window passes, marketing activities to those leads quickly diminish and eventually stop. By moving these inactive leads out of Marketo and into Openprise, the team at CBR frees up valuable space and time to concentrate on new leads.

The results were immediately noticeable. The team reduced the size of the Marketo database and offloaded data-heavy processing workloads from Marketo into Openprise, while at the same time boosted campaign execution and other tasks’ speed within Marketo.

They also now have a way to preserve historical data to enrich returning leads who have future pregnancies

Final takeaway

Nearly four million babies are born each year in the United States. CBR Cord Blood Registry handles more than three million leads annually, which means 10,000 leads a day must be transferred and processed around the clock.

By deploying a fully automated process through Openprise, CBR is well-equipped to handle all the lead data challenges that come its way CBR. The organization can now remove as much delay as possible in the lead flow process to maximize the engagement period with its consumers.

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